Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Josh's First Trip to the Temple

On Tuesday, June 30th at 8:00 p.m. Josh received his own endowments at the Payson Temple.  Besides Brad and I, Grandma Sue, Grandpa Jim, Grandpa Larry, Grandma Sue, Pam, Scott, Kirk and Luke joined us.  It was a really special occasion.  

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Josh is Ordained an Elder

Tonight was the Stake Priesthood Meeting.  After the meeting Brother Barrus, our high council representative, came to our house; along with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Jim and Dad and ordained Josh to the office of an Elder.  We are so proud of Josh for being worthy and willing to be a priesthood holder.  

Grandpa Jim, Josh, Brad, Brother Barrus

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Our Last Couple of Weeks Together

For the past month we have been getting Josh ready for his mission.  Before he left we wanted to get in some of our favorite activities.

Here is a little bit about our last couple of weeks together.

June 24-27.  Senior Trip to the Cabin

July 1-4.  Mortensen Family Camping Trip to Payson Lakes

July 8-10.  Senior Trip to Monticello and Moab

July 11.  Family Hike to Timp

July 17-19.  Gay Family Reunion in Joseph

July 25.  Family Trip to Snowbird

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Josh Is Home...The Envelope Is Opened

Josh got home from the Church History Tour on Saturday, June 20th.  We are so happy to have him back home.

Family and friends were invited to our home at 6:30 pm to watch Josh open his mission call. We also skyped grandma Pam and Grandpa Larry from Joseph. Before he pulled out his envelope Josh told his friends and family:  "So, I have something to say real quick. While I was on my Church History Tour, I cheated a little bit.  So I know where I'm going.  I opened my call in the Sacred Grove two weeks ago."  Everyone was pretty surprised, but they were all excited for him.  

The moment of truth:

Elder Josh Mortensen, you are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  You are assigned to labor in the Washington Kennewick Mission.  You should report to the Mexico MTC on July 29, 2015.  You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language.


Thomas S Monson

We are so excited for Josh.  Just a little side note to the whole mission call.  Josh's call came in the mail on Thursday, June 4th.  I took a picture of the envelope and texted it to him, letting him know that it arrived.  Before Josh left on his trip, he decided that he wanted to wait until he got home on the 20th to open his mission call.  We supported him in that decision.  On Friday, I got a text from Josh saying that he had prayed about his mission call and when he should open it and that he wanted to open it on his birthday.  So I over-nighted Josh's mission call through FedEx and sent it to the hotel in New York.  On Sunday morning, he attended sacrament meeting in Palmyra New York.  Afterwards, the tour group walked to the Sacred Grove where they were able to have their own sacred experiences.  During that time, Josh opened his call and felt the spirit testify to him that Kennewick Washington is where Heavenly Father wants him to serve his mission.  Josh called his mom and dad shortly after and read his mission call letter.  It was a super, spiritual experience for all of us.  We told Brayden and Brianne about his call, but kept it a secret from everyone else.  Josh really wanted to be with his friends and his family personally to share the news with them.  Josh told Ali and Jaxsen on the way home from picking him up from the Church History Tour.

This is what Josh wrote to his sister Brianne, who is serving a mission in the Philippines.  "So opening my mission call was a great day. It was a fast Sunday, on my birthday, and in the Sacred Grove. When I went to open it I found a bench by myself and opened it. That was super exciting and made me so happy to see where I was going. There were a lot of mosquitoes so I prayed that they wouldn't bug me. At first I sat there and they didn't stop. In a movie we watched called Ephraim's Rescue it says that God helps those that help them selves so I decided to walk around and not stop to sit. They didn't bug me anymore unless I stopped. The amazing part is when I stopped to call mom and dad there was not one that bugged me during the call. I know that that was a really big answer to my prayer.  This entire trip was exactly what I needed right now and taught me so much about this gospel. I had more prayers answered that trip than I ever have had in my life and I know it was because I did so much more than normal to always have the spirit with me."