Tuesday, September 13, 2016

He Has Been Able To See Answers Come and Miracles Happen


Its great to hear from you all!  It looks like you all had a great week! a lot of crazy things happening! Its pretty cool to think that jaxsen is almost a professional Mountain bike rider! its too bad that his first race didnt go too great, but its super awesome what ended up happening! Its for sure a lot different than anything else i did when i was younger. But Good Job Jaxsen! the cabin always looks fun. And the trees changing colors! Its starting to get colder pretty fast this year. Like right now its 60 degrees and raining. it feels a lot better then it did before i guess. 

To answer the Book of questions i got in this email... no its actually not a problem. But, the week was of course great. We worked really hard. Luckily i am to the point that i am never very tired, just when i wake up. when i wake up sometimes its pretty tough. Elder Corral is working into it a little. I dont think he fell asleep in any studies this week. but yes this last week there was a lot less people in the branch. So its still hard to try to get to know everyone because everyone keeps changing. But we are working on it. FHE was great! we played dodge ball and it was so great i can still feel it in my shoulder! I think it is proof that i having done anything with it for a very long time other then carry a little blue book everywhere. I was sore for a few days and now it just feels weird. We didnt go yesterday though. it was in Kennewick and we dont get to go to those ones. But yes we only teach 18 to 30 year olds that arent married and dont have a child older then 5. So most people we talk to arent in those boundaries, so we get sent a lot of referrals. But we cover all of Pasco and 2 full Zones, so we also get a lot of referrals. But we did have a lesson with M--. He came to one of the baptisms of the sister missionaries and he loved it! he said that it wasnt how he expected it. after we had a lesson with one of the members there with us. M-- is a very calm easy going guy. This member is an accountant and not slow or to easy going, but one of the greatest tender mercies that i saw this week was from this lesson. As we taught we felt to just ask him some questions. i guess we asked the right ones. He opened up completely and we were able to see what he needs help with and also that he is praying and reading often. He has been able to see answers come and miracles happen. In just the little things that go good for him he has gained the faith that it is all from God and comes because he is trying to do what is right. One of the big things that he is worried about is finding a job. he was been out of work for a month. This member got super excited and sat up and was just like M--, i can fix up your resume and i can get you a job somewhere. He told M-- that he would come over to his house, today actually, and help him with all of that. It was so great to see how happy and relieved M-- was. we tried many different members and lots couldnt help. This member was able to and ended up being the exact kind of person that was needed for this lesson. It was so great!

This week we did a lot of finding. We are trying to do a lot of member work, its hard with so many of them leaving and coming, but it is the only way that this work will be effective, especially in YSA. There is this other girl named C--. She just got home from a vacation in Mexico. Before that she came to church many time and had a few lessons with the sisters before us. She had to work Sunday so she wasnt able to come this week. but we are excited to get to teach her. There is this other Girl also named L--! She is so cool too! she was taught by the same sisters for a little and she really likes it. She is a little crazy, just has a lot of energy so there is never a dull moment when we are talking to her. We werent able to get in contact with her by the phone this week and we were curious what was happening. We stopped by Sunday night to see if she was home. She was really excited to see us then got not excited. She thought it was her dad. he was bringing her some coke. She said " i am Mexican and i cant eat my tacos without some soda, sorry" She was still excited it was when she realized it was us. Her phone service got cut. She has to wait until she gets paid so she can pay her phone bill again. so we didnt have a lesson with her this week, but she really wants to learn. this week is just great! it has been another great week to be a missionary!

i love you all!!

Elder Mortensen

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