Monday, November 28, 2016

He Said Right When He Needed It The Missionaries Showed Up

Happy late Thanksgiving! 

I hope it was a eventful week! It looked like a ton of fun! I liked all the pictures! Its weird to think that that it was thanksgiving last week. It feels like it was for ever ago. Our day was good though. We went around before the meal at the church inviting more people to come. No one ended up coming that we invited that morning or the days before, but it was good. I dont know why people wouldnt want to come to have a free feast, but i guess they didnt. that is the only meal we had that day, other than little ones at our apartment, but it was good i only got really full instead of double that like last year. I dont really have any pictures from that but i know one of the members that took a picture of us as we were eating and had me write our your number, mom. so i hope it got to you! and if not maybe one day it will! There was about 40 of the members there. It is about what the expected so there was plenty of food. I couldnt say i had a favorite, it was all really good. but we did take some Cheesecake home! 

We had a few lessons this week, but not to many. One of the crazy ones was a lesson that we brought a member to. Elder Matalolo had taught him before and know that he really wanted the Book of Mormon proved to him, like Historically and everything would have to make sense. there is a member in the ward, Brother F--, that when he was baptized that is what he said he needed and wanted to know. So we brought him. we expected it to go kinda crazy but not how much it did! It was crazy! and super long. It wasnt arguing or anything there was just a lot of talking about so many different things and some of the things were really deep. It ended really good and the member really wants to help This guy, D--, so he is writing him a letter and he wanted his phone number so he could call him. The member is so excited, and is super cool!  We were talking to our ward mission leader and told him we brought Bro F-- and D-- is very similar to Bro F--. His response was, oh so you talked about how the weather cycles work on Kolob? so if that gives you a hint into who is Bro F--. He is a chemical engineer and a genius. But crazy. 

We are teaching this guy names J--, He is an MMA fighter, so its kinda cool. But he is going through a divorce and its been really hard and he said right when he needed it the missionaries showed up. He says that he never turns anyone down and he wanted to learn more about the Mormons and read the Book of Mormon. We had some good lessons with him. He is working at the school and training for his fights so he is really busy but God is something that he wasnts to have be a bigger part in his life, so thats why were are there i guess. We have a lot of hope for him. 

I hope you all have a great week!  i love you all! have a good rest of the time in school before Christmas break!! Bye Bye!!

Elder Mortensen

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