Tuesday, December 27, 2016

It's Cool To Be Able To See The Spirit Work Through You

Hello again!! 

it seems like it was just two days ago i just talked to you all! Its kinda weird to think that we skyped again! It was was super awesome to talk to the family again, it is always a great time. After Sunday I realized more that my family really are all my best friends. Its cool to feel so good with people you haven't talked to in a long time and after you just think back and think, Wow, that was great!  I love you all so much. 

Not much has happened since Sunday.  Sunday we ended up going to a family's house around 3 and we were there for most of the day. They really wanted us to stay and they had it figured out how to keep us. We got there and Dinner was running late. Then we ate and talked for a while then they opened some presents. They gave us Socks! best gift ever! haha it was cool though. then they told us to play some games until pie is done. so we did that and then ate pie then they wanted us to play some games again! so it was actually a ton of fun. There was lots of little kids to bug, so what else could you want! It kinda reminded me of Christmas back home going over to one of the grandparents house. So it was super fun. 

Yesterday we did a lot of finding. We didnt have to much luck with new people to find, but we did find a couple of people that might have some potential that we are going to try by again. We also taught two lessons with some less active members. We read in the Book of Mormon and explained the the story and the teachings. It was in spanish and some of the questions he asked about the exact meaning of the scripture verses and it threw my head in a loop a little bit. We were able to give him good answers though. Its always cool when you start answering and you dont have a super clear thought, but as you keep going you come up with a good answer and end up teaching them and yourself. Its cool to be able to see the spirit work though you. With the others, we watched some of the Bible Videos. He knows for sure he is coming back to church and were talking about getting his mom and daughter to church again. As we got up to leave we walked through the kitchen and i didnt see any food so i thought we were free. They almost always give us some food. Then one of the friends that were over there asked us if we wanted some tamales. then ran out side to get them before we left. so we for sure get taken care of for food everyday, even when its not planned or if we are already full, we seem to always get more somewhere. 

Today we have a lesson with R-- and A-. As of a few weeks ago there are new investigators. they are super awesome. They are the ones with the two young kids that are reading in the Book of Mormon and planning to come to church. We are super excited for that. We have some good lessons planned, a exchange and a District council. So this will for sure be a good week!

It was fun to see so many pictures of Christmas! i hope it was great for all of you. It sure looked like it was a fun one. I hope you all have a great rest of the Break from school and that you can still keep doing all those fun things that i am missing out on. It seems like when i was home we never did any of those kinds of things. But its cool to see you all the things i have to look forward to after the mission. Happy New Years!! i love you all!

Elder Mortensen

there is a few picture of opening Christmas, but here is one of them.

The other picture is us trying to weekly plan on Christmas eve. It kinda worked to plan.  

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