Monday, September 7, 2015

Leaving the MTC


i only have just a couple of minutes today. i am just letting you know that i will be landing in San Francisco at 10. i will be able to call from there. i don't know how long the call will be but at least i get to. i am going to call your phone mom. and that time is san Francisco time. i don't know when that is in Utah i think its just an hour difference. but any way i look forward to that because i don't know when i will get to email you next.  these are some pictures from the slide show on Sunday night. they have one every week for the missionaries leaving. after we sing god be with you til we meet again. and that got me so excited. i was so happy to just get out there i cant explain. but love you all thanks for all the support while i am out here

Elder Mortensen

PS that's Jaxsens tie

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