Monday, September 14, 2015

She Told Us That She Knows God Sent Us

hello family

wow! what a great letter!! those are a lot better to receive than to have to try to write. but thanks for that. its always fun to receive a throw-up letter, i guess you could call it that. The west mountain cabin sounds fun like always. you said that you don't know why the bear tracker stopped working, well i do!  it was missing its driver! i am over here in Oregon!!

but Thanks for that quote. (Note from mom.  Here is the quote:  "We are in a period of stress across the world. There are occasionally hard days for each of us. Do not despair. Do not give up. Look for the sunlight through the clouds."   --Gordan B Hinckley).  its kinda how being here has been. me and my companion Elder Laffiteau, from Hondurus, are opening up a new spanish area. so there was no work for us to start with. we had to go knocking, looking for for Hispanic people.  but the work has been a ton of fun.  one of the best things is talking to everyone. it doesn't really sound like me before the mission but i have learned to love it because its where you see the miracles. even though there have only been a few people that have wanted to hear more and most of them were english so we wont even teach them, but its fun. you always know that you are doing what you need to. the hard thing is trying to follow the spirit. a cool experience is we were stopped at a 4 way stop wondering where we should go next. my companion asked me what i was feeling and this one house kept standing out to me. i told him we should go over there so we did. we knocked once, nothing happened. so we knocked again and i was so excited because i was thinking that this is the person we are going to teach because its where the spirit told me to go and i was sure of it. so the guy opened the door and said through the screen door, oh no i have already tried you. i don't want it again, and shut the door. not going to lie i was a little disappointed. but we walked down the road and followed it around a corner. we came to this lady that was on her porch. we said hi to her and started talking to her. after we talked to her for a little, i bore my testimony and she told us that she knows god sent us. she said, how else would my new car have broken down, and i have to make a call so i am sitting here on the porch. i knew that that was the reason that i was told to go to the house that we got shut down at. it was to point us in the right way for this lady. her name was F--. she was less active and wanted to start getting into church again, and this is how she is going to she said. i gave her a Book of Mormon, my first one and that was a good feeling.  it helped me feel more confident and a few minutes later we talked to a 16 year old and he said his family talks to the missionaries some but he didn't pay attention. he said he would read the Book of Mormon after i gave him one and pay attention to the missionaries. i hope it all works out for them both. i learned that this work takes the spirit and confidence. with that it will all be okay.

my area is Hermiston Oregon. its a nice little place. because i know you stalk the missionaries here is some help. i live in a place called south gate village just off of first street. i am in the south east apartment on the bottom. in the corner of the u shaped apartment complex. you are welcome.

but ya i love it here. i hope you are all doing great. i pray for you all all the time. love you all

Elder Mortensen

PS i did get the doughnuts on Friday, thanks a ton they were amazing and i did see spencer a few times

Elder Mortensen and Elder Laffiteau

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