Monday, June 13, 2016

You Can't Have Faith In Christ Unless You Know Who Christ Is

Hello Everyone!! 

This week was so awesome. We were able to teach a lot of people! There was a really cool miracle on exchanges this week with the Zone Leaders. Elders Tirado and Thompson, one of the Zone Leaders, were in our area working. There is this man named F--, he was a referral from a while ago and we haven't been able to have a lesson yet, but have seen him a few times but he has been busy. We still felt like we should keep trying to find him home. they went over to see if they could find him home with enough time that he could have a lesson and they did!  They sat down in his little shop in the back. They said that he started off asking who do we believe God is.  They taught the first principal of the restoration, God is our loving heavenly father, for pretty much the whole lesson. We had a devotional 3 or 4 months ago, maybe more, that Elder Johnson from the 70 came and taught the importance of that first principle. How everyone needs to understand it so they can have the faith to receive an answer from God. He taught you cant have faith in Christ, unless you know who Christ is.  One Thing about faith is its something not seen that is TRUE. If they dont really know who God is or who the Godhead is, they will have a harder time receiving that answer. They will have to put their faith in something else, like a scripture, until they know.  He had a ton of great questions. He was invited to be baptized and he said yes! He is now working for July 2 for his baptism! At the end they asked him if he would say the prayer, so he did. So he asked, really wanting to know, if this really is the true church. He just sat there for a few minutes after his prayer was done, just thinking. he didnt say amen so they looked up wondering if he didnt know how to end it and needed help.  he looked up and said, I think i am going to be a Mormon. even though i wasn't there, its so exciting to me! To find those people that really are being prepared in this area.

One night we were also looking for a less active that no one knows if he really does live at the address they have for him. It is a duplex. We didn't know what side of the house he lived on. We knocked on the front door. It ended up being a man named J--. He invited us in. We sat down and we had a great lesson! Elder Tirado and I are working on teaching better in unity. We were for sure able to do that tonight. During the lesson we just felt really good about him. He seemed to really be searching for something in his life. He is up here working and has a family down in Mexico that he sends money down to to support them. Half way through the lesson this guy walked in. We shook his hand and asked him his name. He left fast but he had the same first name as the less active guy we were looking for. so we asked J-- what his last name is and it is the less active! he said that he lives on the other side. So we got two awesome things done at one time!  This was a great week, full of a lot of miracles.

This week M-- and his mom, M-- came to church! also E--, a less active member from a part member family. that was awesome. We were expecting a few more investigators and less active members, but we dont know what happened. M--'s wife is having a hard time right now. she was in the Hospital and just a few days ago they told her that she probably wouldn't make it and she had around a year to live. Its a really sad time for her. We hope that they can find some comfort in the gospel. 

This week for my birthday i celebrated by going to a leadership meeting with President Ware! We also had two good lessons with less active members. What better way to celebrate a birthday?! i did get the package, Thanks a ton! This morning i made sure that i opened all the birthday stuff and of course took a picture! I was trying to figure out what the weird balloon things are that blow themselves up. One popped on the table i just cleaned! it is full of i am pretty sure baking power and vinegar. Thats what it felt like, i was going to taste it but i decided that might not have been the best idea. i will for sure make those brownies after I steal a pan from someone. 

The week back at home sounds really fun! it seems like since i have left you have all done a lot of cool things that we never did when i was home. i dont know why! but i guess its all alright. Haha the part that made me laugh the most is that Josh Lambert is planning a get together for us! that will be awesome! I always get the funniest emails from him. It is the best! I hope that everything continues to go good. i love you all and have a great week!

Elder Mortensen

Birthday picture!!!  Happy Birthday Josh!

This is how the first of the week felt, but it dropped into the
70s some time later in the week.  It only stayed at 105 but
thats what it was when we got it the car, it was kinda crazy.

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