Monday, June 27, 2016

He Loves Church And Is Reading Everything That We Give Him


Hows it going??  This week was kinda crazy! it always is when preparation day isnt on a Monday. It throws everything off from the normal schedule. But, it was another amazing week! and it wasnt to hot, so thats a blessing. Update for F--! he is not preparing to be baptized this week, but it will be coming up soon! The church that he went to before lent him some money to make some house payments. He came to church last week and the pastor of the other church of course didnt like that. So he has been getting on F-- that he has to come to church there until he has paid it all off. So F-- doesn't feel good getting baptized this week, but he should be able to get it paid off by next week. Even though the pastor told him to come to church there, This Sunday he came to church with us!! It was super awesome. He loves church and is reading everything that we give to him. When he prays you can tell that he really is sincere to learn these things. He is awesome.    With M--, he is super busy and often gets home around 9 or 10, so we weren't able to have a lesson this week. They still seem to be doing good though from the little we talked over the phone. He lays carpet and now he is doing it on his own because his partner quit, so its been a lot of long hours for him. E-- has been busy too! and her husband M-- works long hours also. They also had to cater this weekend and didnt get to come to church. So we had this potential investigator names T--, We havent been able to get anything to work, when we dont have a member she is home, and when we do have a member she isnt home. So its been a while without being able to have a lesson. But... We finally had a lesson Saturday! she is so awesome. she really wants to know what it the truth and what church is true. She has been to close to all of the churches in the city but hasnt liked any of them. She in in a wheelchair because she dosnt have a foot and she gets judged at a lot of the churches. But she came to church this week!! she asked a lot of questions and felt comfortable there. She loved it also! We went back over that day after church with some other members the D-- family. They are awesome and are going to be a lot of support for her. She is so awesome also! That is kinda how our week went! we taught a ton of awesome people and talked to a bunch also. also!! 

Ok, so blonde moment or something. i dont even know. We went and met this old guy. he was swinging on a chair swing and we talked to him for a little. We sat on some other chairs. We had a good conversation. He was showing us something on his chair and where it was breaking. I wasnt paying to much attention because i was looking at the chair thinking more about that. he said something but i didnt really hear what he said and i was just like, Yeah!  then it just came through my head slow or something. he said, You probably think i look stupid just swinging on this chair all day. after i realized what he said i was just like Noo!! sorry i was looking at the chair!  it all worked out good, but it was pretty funny. He thought it was funny so it was all good. i thought you all would like to hear that, i promise i am not a mean person!

So its tomorrow that President and Sister White get here!! Its going to be so weird, but i am excited. when they get here President Ware shows them around a little and leaves not to long after! Its going to be interesting what changes and what stays the same.   ya also we go to the Columbia river temple! its a little temple in Kennewick. The mission home is actually  pretty close to it. Also its all good if you dont go to their homecoming talks. The GFR is also a great thing. Both are going to be great, so there isnt a bad choice. the hard thing is, that it is still a choice!

Everything back at home sound like a ton of fun!! its weird to think that all those things still happen, because for us as missionaries it is like a routine. The people keep you on your toes though.There was a lot of fun pictures! i wish i had some! but i dont! i do the same thing everyday!  Next week we dont have preparation day on Monday. We will be working on Monday and coming home early, at 6, for The fourth of July. So we are going to make the brownies and watch the Testaments and hopefully not pack! We will know who is getting transferred Monday at 6. so i will let you know Tuesday what is happening! i feel like i will stay here. Thanks for all the love and prayers you all sent this way! i feel them both!! i love you all!! have a great week!

Elder Mortensen

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