Tuesday, July 5, 2016

This Work Is The Most Important Work That Will Ever Be done. I Am Glad That I Have Been Able To Come To Know That.


It looks like it was a great week!! it was up here also! like always. But that will never change because i am not going to let it! Where to start... This week was kinda crazy. It went up and down a lot. There weren't many people that we were able to get in to lessons with. We only had a few during the week. One thing that we keep track of in a day is the amount of Quality Gospel conversations.  There was even a day that none of those happened! We of course talked to a bunch of people. but there was no one that would take a little time to listen and to learn. But there was also some days that we had many great conversations! One day the first house we knocked on was a lady so so prepared to learn. She goes to the Adventist church and said that she knows that its not the right church. she told us that she was searching for the church that Christ put on earth when he was here. so that of course went well. She was english, so it got sent off to the sisters in the District. Its always great to find a great person to teach. Better when its yours, but it is also exciting to send it as a referral and see what happens later. But great for us 2 doors later there was also a lady, Speaking spanish, that wanted to learn and said that her husband was wondering why the missionaries never came back. So we are excited to find them again and hope they are sincerely wanting to learn. Saturday night we went over to ask T-- if she was going to be able to come to church, so we could find her a ride. She said she would be able to. so when that member showed up to church without her. It was like oh no! he forgot her! We went over after church later that night and she ended up falling asleep on top of her phone and couldnt hear the alarm. So that was too bad. But we had a great lesson with her earlier that week. She is a professional talker. But we were able to keep her mostly focused and teach. so that was for sure a mini success. F-- didnt come to church either. He is in debt to another church. they said that he wouldnt have to pay if he continued to come for a little longer. So that is where he was. He said the Pastor had him sit on the stand with him and told him that he would have to help look after the church for him when he was gone on a little vacation. Satan is working really hard on someone that he went back to the church. He has told us that he knows that this is the true church and that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God. He has bore testimony to us and to many of his friends. He is for sure not gone but we are going to have to go over teaching with much more power in the spirit to help him know. He is still looking good, it is just going to take some work. Please pray for him!

This 4th of July was so weird! we had to be in by 6, but before that we went out to work. There didnt seem to be any one out side! no cars no people. It just felt weird and seemed almost like a Ghost town. So not a ton on work was done. We did talk to some awesome people. One of my favorite miracles of the week comes from that day! We were walking down the road. There was this girl down the road. she looked young so its always a little awkward to talk to them in that situation. But the spirit pulled through. The last moment it got us to open our mouths and teach her. She is english, but is very very prepared and wanting to learn. she was even humbled the night before to hear this message. her bike was stolen. She would also have been riding her bike to where she was going, so that is what made us able to talk to her. Some people might think that God doesnt work in mysterious ways, but i for sure do! The rest of the night was great. We waited for transfer calls, that came almost 2 hours late. But we dont blame the mission president, its his first one! But we are both staying here!! it is going to be great! in the district there is only one sister leaving. So it is good to not have that destroyed by the transfers. We made brownies and watched the testaments just as planned! we couldnt go anywhere but i did see two fireworks out of our back window! so that will have to be good for this year. It was a great week!!

Its awesome to hear all the things that have been happening back in utah this past week! its great to see you are all having a ton of fun! I do miss those things that are happening but its nothing that is going to stop me from doing this work. Nothing that will even distract me either. This work is the most important work that will ever be done! i am glad that i have been able to come to know that. I am glad that my love for God is strengthened and my desire to live the Gospel of Christ has grown. Its great to see examples of what i can do and also become as i study and ponder the scriptures. It makes me think of a scripture that i love in Joshua 3:5, i think. It says something like this " Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will to wonders among you." I have learned how to sanctify myself and look forward to and always see those wonders. I hope that you all will be able to do the same. I love you all!! and hope that you have the best week!

Elder Mortensen 

Ps, pictures!!  

Eating Taco Bell and KFC on the Fourth of July
Birthday Brownies!

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