Monday, July 18, 2016

The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways


It looks like you all had a great week!!  That is awesome! That is for sure a lot of things that i dont get to do out here (camping trip with extended family). ! i am fine not doing them now, but am so happy that they will continue to happen after! those are all things that i love very much. fun hikes, fun playing in the water, fun bike rides, and crazy a big crazy family! Its good to hear that everyone is doing good! good to hear everyone is having a great time doing all the different things that they are doing. ya! the perrys stopped in! It was a big surprise, that is for sure! It was really cool to see some people that i know! it was a great end to the day!

This week was strange. I would say like 10% of the plans that we made ended up working out. most of that was the plan of where we were going to go knocking doors! We werent able to have many lessons this week. It was full of going out and doing everything we could do to find new people to teach. The last week and this week we have had to drop investigators or we have not been able to get in contact with them. As we were finding we were able to talk to a lot of people. We are for sure doing better and better everyday to work together and to talk to everyone. like i have said before, The Lord works in mysterious ways! all the finding didn't end up with us teaching tons of lessons or for us to find anyone new that is prepared and ready to learn. But it did give us the spirit as we acted in faith and talked to everyone. we also got to go to a little town called touchet! Well that day was just a weird one. We went to a lesson at 10. it was a pass off lesson. The elders in College place were teaching a guy that they thought it wold be better if he went to the spanish branch. So us 4 Elders were there for the lesson. This guy named J--, decided to bring a friends. And this friend was crazy!! He is catholic and said he went on a mission also. I dont know how those missions go, but he didnt bring the spirit, at least of Christ. He came prepared to fight! the only things that were marked with his bible were scripture to argue! So this lesson wasnt much of a lesson. He kinda just told us why we are wrong and tried to use the bible to do it. All in all, its easy to be confused when you have a changed bible and only read half of a few verses. So we dont blame him. But he didnt want to learn. We also found a guy in touchet. it was a good conversation until i said that we can have our prayers answered by God. Elder Tirado thought they guy was going to hit me! it was so weird. But we got it back to a good conversation and he said that we wants to come see how our church is. Then! There was this big white guy that for some reason wasnt wearing a shirt. he was an Adventist and brought us in to his house and tried to fight with me about worshiping on the Sabbath! it was crazy!! three people in the same day! and they all seemed to want to pick a fight with me! but we just told him why we are suppose to worship on Sunday and if he really wants to know we are here to help him know. But he ended up not wanting to learn either. that is just how this work goes some times. now you know a little bit more what it is really like! i dont know where i was going with with this... but That is what happened this week! it was awesome!

Zone Conference was great! The Whites brought along 3 of their kids and they had a slide show and all of them introduced their family to us! they are a crazy family! they remind me a lot of our family! they mess around with each other a lot. It was really cool to be able to get to know them and how they really are and how their family is. I can really say that i love them now!! They are so cool!  one of the assistants,  Elder Bateman promised us in our zone conference that there is at least one that is prepared and ready to receive the Gospel. After Praying to confirm that promise in my mind and in my heart, i too know that there is at least one person here that as we find them will accept the Gospel. Now our job is to go out and find that one more!  I hope that you all have a great week!!  i love you a bunch!

Elder Mortensen

Temple Trip

Zone Conference

Surprise Visit From The Peery Family

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