Monday, July 25, 2016

Those Were The Miracles We Were Able To See...Our Ability To Work Through Hard Times

Hello to my favorite people!!!  

This week was great as well! it has been really hot, around 100 degrees also. So it made this week full of finding a sweaty one! that dosnt sound very fun. But it was great! teaching has slowed down, i wouldnt say that its discouraging though. The only way you can get discouraged is if you see it coming and let it into your thoughts. There has been the first thoughts of it, but instead of letting it in, it gets kicked out in no time! If i think about the hard work that we are putting in and that it is all for Christ and bringing people to him, it dosnt matter too much more past that. Yes there is great things we wish to see, but Gods plan is still perfect and always will be. His goal for us is perfection and his plan is for us to get there. He really does know what we need to go though or feel to get to a higher level in our lives and that is what this week was.  Part had to of been to learn humility. To know how to rely on Christ and then doing it. This week everyday we had close to one plan that might work for us to teach. sometimes more sometimes less. There was many days that we said ok for these first  hours we are going to walk around, knock doors and talk to everyone! It was really good. Most days it is a good accomplishment to get around 5 quality gospel conversations. There is obviously more people we talk to but not people willing to stop and actually talk. But there was some days we got more then 10! Those are the miracles that we were able to see,  our ability to work hard though hard times. . As i was looking through some old papers that i have there is a little talk from Elder Ballard, teaching what we have to do to have success. There were many things that stood out to me and all of those things are things that i am going to study more in to and make us have success. The thing that stood out the most is we have to be looking for success. everything that we do has to be with the mind set of i am going to teach this person. Then focusing on the way that we can bring the spirit to them them to agree with that. We cant have the focus to just talk to people, but to find new investigators. Talking to people will be a part of that, but is not all. This week we had interviews with President White. One things that we talked about was when the last baptism in the Branch was. It was 7 months ago. He said that will change. He said he wanted to give me a challenge. He told me to baptize by the end of the September transfer. He said share this with your companion and the other missionaries in the branch if and when you want, but baptize someone. This week we are going out to find new investigators so we will baptize by the end of September. President is a great guy. When he speaks it is with clarity and you know just what he is really telling you to do. then you do it. Also he remembered that Brother Bell knows us. So we talked abut that for a little and i heard from him that he is a Bishop. So he beat you to it!

Short story. Hermano Zavala came to us in church and asked us if we had a dinner today. he said he donst want to take the blessing from someone else but he told us to come over again. We went over last Sunday. He was planning to come out with us at 4 and eat at 5. He was just like lets eat before then i can be with you for the rest of the night. So we are at 4 and went out at 5. Every single one of our plans fell though! it was terrible! but we asked him if he has been thinking of anyone that he would like to visit. So we went to some of his long time friends. We had a great lesson!! and they told us to come back later and share again!! There was 4 of them. one of the ladies was trying to argue. But that didnt go anywhere with 3 people sharing the truth. She ended up leaving and the lesson got better from there. We are going back this week to see were this is going to go! it was a super cool night. 

It is great to hear that you are all having a great time and got rid of Ali too (she left on a 17 day humanitarian trip). Everyone seems to be having a great time and that for sure makes me happy. Its good to hear that there was some fun mixed in with times to strengthen your testimonies, because that is the thing that counts in the long run. i love you all very much and thanks you all for the prayers that are sent this way! have a great week! i will be looking forward to next week!

Elder Mortensen

These pictures are from the zone Conference this last week!

Walla Walla/Hermiston Zone Conference

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