Monday, July 11, 2016

The Lord Really Does Soften Peoples Hearts And Brings Us As Missionaries Around At The Right Time To Find Them When They Need It


It is a great day already! Getting this email is for sure always great! and we went shopping already so i am excited for food. so that makes it better also. but this was for sure a great week! We were able to teach more people and for sure see a lot of miracles! We did end up seeing F-- again. We went over to help him with his little business and we were able to talk a little after. So he is ending up going to the other church, but still wants us to come over and teach and eat his food. We can tell that this is something that he wants but doesnt have a testimony strong enough yet to drop everything and come with us. Its for sure a very hard thing for anyone to do, a member or not. We are going to still go over and help him and share with him to help get his testimony to that point. T-- has been sick like this whole week! we werent able to have a lesson just stop by a few times and she how she is doing. She dosnt have much money and she couldnt buy her medicine that she needs so without it she wasnt doing very good this week. She definitely has a very hard life. She seems to still be doing good. We hope to be able to teach her this week. We actually have not met President and Sister White. but we have a Zone Conference this Wednesday and we will be able to get to know them then! But as of now, there really isnt any changes that have happened. President is for sure strengthening all of us now and i am sure he has in his thought what is going to change, but nothing yet. who knows what will happen with iPads. i remember before last Christmas there was talk about how our mission was told we would have them by the end of the last year. So i dont even hope or wait for them any more, but we will see! they would be helpful.

 One of the greatest miracles we were able to see this week, was also one thing that helped my testimony for sure grow. We had felt like we should keep trying this man named E-- even though he has been really hard to find home and we havent had a lot of opportunities to teach. We were going about our day Sunday and felt that we should go and try to find him. We didnt find him, but we found his son, also E--. Before as we talked to him he really didnt have any interest in what we would share with his dad. Today was for sure different. One of his friends was shot the day before and was killed. He asked us where we go after this life. We shared with him a little of where and what happens. As we kept talking you could tell his heart was softened and really wanted to know these things. There was one point in the conversation that he asked if his parents were there what would be something we would share with them. So we got to teach the restoration. As we taught he had great questions and really wanted to know these things. he was super sincere about learning more and kept saying he thinks its time to change his life and become a better person, someone that his family can rely on. He asked us if we could keep coming back and if his parents arent home, if we could just talk to him. He asked for our number and when we would come back. It was amazing to see even more that the Lord really does soften peoples hearts and brings us as missionaries around at the right time to find them when they need it. Its for sure a sad thing that that friend was shot but it is bringing many people to the Gospel. The Hermanas found someone yesterday as well that know him and because of him was wanting to know and they had a same experience as we did. The lord definitely works in mysterious ways to bring people unto him.

There was another cool time. There was a day that we had like 30 minutes until dinner, it was actually Sunday also. We went to try to find one potential that we had. He said that he was moving into this apartment that he was fixing up. It kinda seemed like he was lying but we felt we should go back to find him. well it wasnt him but there was this other guy that was moving in. He just split from his Girl friend and his child and was moving in to the same apartment the other guy was "moving into" So we helped him move some of the bigger things in. We were in his house with him and we asked if we could sit down and share some things with him. As we were teaching, this was in english, i was thinking this will be a great referral to give! but then he asked if we could talk in spanish because its easy for him and he likes to talk about god in Spanish!! so that was awesome! He said that every time that something goes wrong in his life, missionaries like us seem to always show up! he said i think its like a sign or something. so we agreed and told him how we ended up getting to the other side of the city and ended up talking to him. it was a great miracle to see that day. This sunday was for sure full of miracles. This great week had an even better end!

The week sounds great! It for sure seemed like a busy week!! The GFR, 4th of July, and Trek!  trek was the best ever! i remember having a great time when i was there. i dont remember all the things that happened but i do remember the people it brought me closer to and the things that i felt. It was a great time! i hope that it was just as great as the last! Its lucky you, mom and dad, got the chance to go again! and probably the next time also! I hope the GFR was fun! that is always a great thing and its to bad that i missed it. i hope the last week was great and this next will be even better!! i love you all very much!

Elder Mortensen

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