Sunday, August 7, 2016

It is One Of Those Times Where You Just Know That Its Christs Charity Coming Through You That Makes The Feelings There So Strong


It looks like it was a crazy week back at home!! again! i guess that is just how life is. Its good to hear that Ali is gone (shes on a 17 day humanitarian trip to Mexico) and also that Jaxsen is too now (he is at EFY).  No, not really. But i am sure that it is very weird! Its good to see and hear that Ali is having a great time! it looks like a ton of fun and sounds like they are getting a lot of work done. I know that the poverty over there is probably much worse, but i do get a feel of how it is. to see many people with nothing. To see most people that we talk to so tired because they go to work at 3 in the morning trying to get away from the heat. But still working in the fields in the hot sun to earn almost no money. But they are the greatest of people. There are many of them that are prepared to learn and accept Christ. The cabin trip sounds like a ton of fun! everyone is getting some good work in. It is way exciting to hear where grandma and grandpa are going on there mission (Thailand, Bangkok)! that is so exciting! How long is their mission? oh and you know me abut the whole quilt color. i am still bad at making decisions like this, but we will say blue. Because why not. 

This week was a week full of finding! Especially because the last week we forgot that our miles got cut, they took 200 of them, so we didnt have miles to drive anywhere. So the car stayed home other than to church and a few other little things. so we did a lot of waking and i guess a lot of sweating. There was a few days it was over 100. But we were able to talk to a bunch of people as we were out and about this week! We were able to find E-- this week! We had a really good lesson. We have tried to teach his parents,  in the past, but they are never home. One time we went to look for them and and found E--, their son. this is the man that his friend was recently killed and that brought a lot of questions to his mind. We were able to answer his questions and teach him how we know all these things. That it is because the Church and the Gospel was restored to the earth again after the death of Christ. He was really interested and committed to read the Book of Mormon to know if it is true. We could see that it really is something that he wants to learn and have in his life. He has almost no knowledge of who Christ is. he Prays to Saint Jude. So we had a few things to teach him but he accepted it all. He even prayed, to God, at the end after we taught him how.  He was going to come to church this week but got busy. He said that he is going to ask his boss for the day off so he can come next week. We are very excited for him.

last week we talked to this guy that had a few too many beers. he told us it looked like we were flying. We passed by that street another day and he was falling over and was in really bad shape. We had a lesson with him Saturday morning. We felt we should go try to find him even though we wernt really able to see any potential from before. But he really wants to change. he said that its been something he wants to drop out off his life and be able to have a good relationship with his family. He told us that he is very grateful for us to come over. When we talk to him he says it gives him more strength to not drink. He can hardly read but he said he would try to read a pamphlet of the restoration. The spirit was super strong as we were there. It is one of those times where  you just know that its Christs charity coming though you that makes the feelings there so strong. It was an amazing time and we hope that we will be able to keep going over and bringing the spirit so the spirit can help him. 

This week was a great one. There were many little miracles. Even down to walking the whole day and sweating, i have to lose weight some how!! i hope that you all have a very great week this week! i will be excited to hear from you next week! also thanks for the package!! it gave me a big laugh! i dont know what i am going to do with everything that is cut in half, but i will figure it out some how! I can only imagine that you all had a great time putting that together. Just thinking that you are the funniest people! But thanks for the package! it was great! i love you all!

Elder Mortensen

Elder Mortensen and Elder Tiardo

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