Monday, August 15, 2016

I am getting doubled in to a new area. its going to be YSA. I am going to be speaking English and I will be training a new missionary! I am super excited!

Hi family,

This week is crazy!!! well at least right now!  We just got transfer calls!!! Well in the mission with 10 missionaries going and 21 coming. there is 5 companion ships that arent changed.   soooo...   we are doubling out! But we are both going to the same zone in North Pasco!  my life kinda got turned upside down this transfer. Sunday after church we got a call from president, so that is always the most intense part of the transfers. so i knew i was moving early! today we received the rest of the calls to hear that everyone is moving pretty much. 4 missionaries from this zone are moving up to north Pasco, so i will know some people. One of the elders in my MTC district will also be our Zone leader. I am getting doubled in to a new area. its going to be YSA.  I am going English and i will be training a new missionary! i am super excited! its going to be crazy and we will have to try to figure out how to do all this new stuff but i am so excited! you have no idea! its sad to leave here but it has to be done. 

this week was a crazy one.  It was for sure a week of trial showing us we really have to rely on the Lord. As we went out through out the week doing a lot of finding, we worked hard and did what we could, but nothing came out of it. We talked to many people and shared the message of the restoration with many of them. But we were not able to find those people ready to receive us or the message that we bring. It caused me to think a lot of what are we not doing or what can we do more. We would nightly plan effectively then work hard the next day to make it happen. But we couldnt do anything! It was a very humbling week. I learned the importance of making sure that that we involve the Lord in every thing that we do. It was something that i feel i needed. Now what there is to do is go out in more faith and go where the Lord needs us to go. For this next transfer i am excited to get a chance to help a new missionary start to become who he needs to be. It will help me and teach me many things. 

We werent able to see E-- and P--. they were very busy and we could never seem to find them home. One of the best things this week was when we went to find M--. I dont know if it is Hispanic culture or if they are just cooler then us or something. But we drove up and they were out side waiting for the Ice cream truck that drove into their trailer park. All the Hispanics by things from those all the time! and its not just the kids. The parents and the grandparents go out. so they bought us some mexican ice cream and we went and had a good lesson. M-- loves helping people and he wants to come out and teach and share with us. for him its easier than finding time to read and pray. He has an amazing desire to share. we hope that this will be one thing that will help him keep progressing. i dont even know what i can say more for the week. Tons of little miracles happened and it was a great week. But the only thing that comes to my mind is transfers!!! its crazy

It looks like you all had a great time this week! And yellow stone? really? you go when i am like 2 and then again when i am on a mission? i will make it there some day, well maybe. Its crazy to think that school is starting up again. Is jaxsen going to the highschool? Or just Ali? is Jerry coaching there? That is exciting. going to a new school will be great. everything else in the week sounded like a ton of fun too. You have to get it all in before school starts back up! i say this always kinda, but i do hope you all have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Mortensen

This is the crazy grew that we ate with Sunday! The conversation was mostly about 
the weird things that they ate, mostly bugs, when they lived in mexico. it was great. 

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