Monday, August 29, 2016

When The Missionaries Came By She Said That She Could See A Difference In Him


life in Pasco is great!! even though we are in an english area, we see mostly Spanish people. It still blows my mind to think that some how there are a majority of Hispanics here. I dont know how, but that is how it is. Elder Corral is still doing great! the new missionary fire has kinda died down, but he is still working hard and doing really good. It happens to every missionary. You know when we are working hard when he fell asleep in two different companionship studies as we were talking! Haha it was really funny. Especially when he woke back up and was trying to convince me that he didnt fall asleep! but when he couldnt repeat anything back to me that i said in the last little bit, it helped him realize he had. We had a good lesson with M--! he is still doing good. He came to church again also. The only bad thing is that his good friend from the branch is leaving on a mission in less then two weeks! That is kinda what is happening in the branch. This Sunday there was about 130 that came. But in the next 2ish weeks it is going to go to around 50 after everyone goes to school. So we still dont really get the chance to get used to it for a little bit more because it is going to still change a lot. We were able to get some good work done this week though. We were able to do a little with the members but not a ton. We dont know who is going to be staying and who is not. We have been working a lot from the area book. There was an old investigator that the missionaries were visiting before us. We went to look for him. But the first time he wasnt home. We talked to his mom. She said that she would really like us to come and find him. He is going through a really hard time and when the missionaries came by she said that she could see a difference in him. The Gospel always seems to do that to people. We went back and found him and we had a great lesson. He is separated from his girlfriend and his son. He also went into a coma for a week after an overdose. He feels that God is giving him another chance. He said that he wants to change because he has felt the difference in his life when he does and when he dosnt have the gospel in his life. He accepted a baptismal date for the 24h of September! He was supposed to come to the church. We had a member to pick him up but he ended up not being there. So we will have to see what happened when we get a chance to find him again. We hope that he still wants it because we know that he was able to feel the spirit as we were talking with him the first time. We also found another investigator from the last elders. He name is L--! she is one of the nicest people i have ever met! she is so cool! We havent been able to have a lesson but she is planning to come to FHE tonight. We are excited for that.  

Its really cool. In YSA work, it seems there are the people who are really serious in learning and then the ones that arent at all. so there is not really an in between.  so every one we go back to are really serious in finding something more in their life. The work is doing very good here. We are excited for this week because its going to just keep picking up!

It sounds like a crazy week back at home! everything seems to be starting back up! no more just relaxing and hanging around! But its exciting to hear all that is happening! Its good to hear that ali got a job! and that jaxsen is doing great at mountain biking! i dont think that i need anything specific to come in a package, but thanks for thinking about me! i hope you all have a great week! i love you all!

Elder Mortensen

Elder Mortensen and Elder Corral.  
You can just see the joy in his face! It's the greatest!

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