Monday, August 22, 2016

"Elder, There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today!"


this week was a weird one! it of course started out with a very long day of packing and saying good bye to everyone. We get the whole day Tuesday to do that. We were also able to get a little bit of work in. But because we are both moving we have to write down all the information about the area. Its also sisters that moved in so we had to get it sister clean. But Wednesday i picked up my new missionary! he is doing great! his name is Elder Corral. He is from Chihuahua Mexico! He grew up in one of the Mormon colonies and also went to a Mormon school. The school prepared him very well to be out here on a mission. It also taught him English! He took a year of just English. then the next years of high school were all in English. So he doesn't have a problem at all speaking English. He is a super funny Elder. I have never seen anyone so happy as he was when we walked into Walmart and there was a Hispanic food isle and he found his Jalapeno peepers and Valentina hot sauce. He turned and looked at me and just said "Elder, there is sunshine in my soul today!" We are having a great time. He is teaching me a lot actually! i hope that i am teaching him but i am not so sure about it.  We live in some really really nice apartments. They are called the Crossings at Chapel Hill. It just sounds fancy. We live with another set of elders. One of the elders there i lived with in Prosser also. he is also training. So its really fun. This week was Stake conference. It was really good, but it was kinda a bummer because we didn't get to go and meet anyone in the YSA Branch! but luckily we were able to go to FHE and get to know them. We also gave the spiritual thought about enduring to the end. We led a conversation about Grace and how we receive it. it went really good. we hope that the Branch was more able to trust us as missionaries afterwards. We talked to the Zone leaders because they used to be in this area before us. they told us there is times that we  might feel like we are going to be "hanging out" but that with the YSA ward that you have to have really good relationships with each of them before the work gets going. So in a way we "hangout" like at FHE. that is kinda how it was. Just making sure that we get a chance to talk to many of the different members and get to know them. So it is really weird. We have a investigator named M--. he is going to be baptized the day after he gets off parole. So October 1st! We had a lesson with him and he is awesome. He has really changed his life. He is doing really good and loves coming to do things with the Branch.  The Branch loves him too. but i still cant wait for the day, i hope it comes, that i feel like i know what i am doing in this area. Right now we are just going for it. One of the Zone leaders said that we will always feel like we wont know what we are doing. So I guess we will see how it works out. Our area is massive. it covers all of Pasco! 2 zones and like at least 10 wards. It is the biggest area in the mission. So its kinda crazy! but great!
Its great to hear all the fun things that you were all able to do this week in Yellowstone/Jackson! Its good that i am not the only one having a great time. Have fun getting back into school too! Thanks for all the pictures! its great to see all your beautiful faces and Jaxsen! I hope that this week will also we a lot of fun. It wont be like the last but it will still be great. i love you all!
Elder Mortensen

Temple Trip - Elder Mortensen and Elder Corral

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