Monday, October 24, 2016

She Looked At Him And Pretty Much Told Him That He Needs To Start Doing More And Then His Faith Will Be Enough And He Will Know It Is True


Well... this was another crazy week! It was a good one though. But yes you are right, that is the life of a missionary and you wouldn't want it any other way. Guess what, M-- came to FHE! the thing is we still dont really know what happened to him, but we did find him and get a chance to talk to him. Elder Corral was talking to him and asked him about baptism. He said he hasn't done anything wrong. So Its at least on his mind and he is trying to be ready in a way. We still haven't been able to  teach him or meet with him again, but he seems to be doing good. His life is just crazy. He actually for some reason got kicked out of where he was living so he is now in Richland. So we cant really just go look for him over there. But He is planning on coming to FHE again today. Its been a wild ride with him. I cant wait until he has a car. right now we are finding him rides to everything he wants to come to. So it is a lot of work. This is a big part of YSA work for some reason, finding people rides. 

We did get another chance to teach C-- again. He has a lot of questions. the big thing for him is he doesn't understand the need for the Book of Mormon. We have answered all his questions with our thoughts and scriptures and testimony and then we just told him that now it comes down to him reading and praying and getting an answer that its true. Then he will know why we need it. He is for sure sincere and is putting some work into finding out if it is true. It was a good lesson. At the end It was kinda an awkward time but i felt like i needed to share a scripture from the Book of Mormon about the Atonement and bear him my testimony. It was actually really cool. After the lesson Elder Corral said that it brought the spirit in really strong. That is something i realized that i want to do more of. Just as we are talking to people wherever i might be to share a scripture and a testimony with them so they can feel something. So if we come back or when other missionaries come back they can remember that they felt something. At the end of sharing with him, his friend asked if she could share a scripture. She shared a scripture in James about how we need works. She looked at him and pretty much told him that he needs to start doing more and then his faith will be enough and he will know it is true. It sounded a little nicer then that, but that was the message. It was super awesome!

the studying is still super cool. I am just going in logical order so probably not perfect chronological order but there is a lot of different things that stand out as i have read it this way. Mostly to see the little differences of the stories they tell of Christ. Also to see what stories and events are told by more then one person and sometimes just one person. putting it together in this way just helps it make a lot of sense. 

The YSA branch is great. They actually do feed us almost every night. Better then any other branch i have been in so far. it makes me realize how funny it is when a big family ward says its too hard to feed the missionaries everyday. They just need to look at this branch and see that its not to bad. Its good to get a chance to talk to the members more. It is an easy time to just get to know them and then get to the point we can encourage them to do more missionary work and ask to teach their friends. That is probably the best part of YSA work. It takes a true friendship before any work gets done. We have great friendships and are now ready for the work to take off! 

Lehi still sounds great!! it sounds like lots of things are still going on. I am a little jealous that you got to go to the Mountains! I haven't seen those is a long while! Whenever i see a picture of them i am just like, Dang, we dont have those here. But its all good i guess. Sounds like Jaxsen is still doing great with his biking. I hope he never crashes to bad, but if he does at least you have video of it on that GoPro! 

Thanks for the Email again! it was great!! i love you all!

Elder Mortensen

 PS Just to answer one on your questions, my favorite thing to eat is Breakfast foods!! i have pancakes or eggs for most of my lunchs. 

also we have pictures but we will have to send them next week, they are on E. Corrals camera and right now i am with E. Owen ( he was is my MTC District) because our companions are in the Choir and are at practice right now. They have a choir because the 70 that is coming next month requested one. SO that is where E Corral is!

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