Monday, October 3, 2016

We Need To Really See What Matters Most To Us, What Has More Value, Then Choose It


Wasn't this week just great! it is kinda weird that we were doing the same things for like 10 hours this week! that doesn't happen very often. The conference was great though. Something that stood out to me a lot is how often the gospel of Christ was talked about. If it was either repentance, grace, joy, or things like that. The Gospel of Christ kinda covers everything so its obvious that its talked about all the time. But i realized more of how it needs to be always a thought in our mind.  This was for sure on my mind a lot because the day before, on Friday, We had the Doctrine of Christ training. Its a training that you go to in your second transfer, or if its our companions second transfer. They taught about having a perfect brightness of hope as we are living this Doctrine. If we really trust God and his promises. We all have a lot of promises made to us, especially as missionaries. President White taught us that we need to do the things necessary for those blessings then ask for them and expect them to come. For me i do the things that i am suppose to, but dont always ask God to show me the blessings. It seemed kinda weird for me, to ask for something that i am already promised i will receive. But as i do this i either receive more or at least recognize more of the blessings that i receive. It makes counting my blessing a little easier for me. The thing i liked most about conference was the promise of Joy. I dont remember who it was exactly or exactly what he said, that is what notes are for i just dont have them with me, but i think it was Elder Stevenson Invited us to have more Joy in our lives. it kinda seems weird, making it sound like a choice to have joy. But it really is. I was reading in the Book of Mormon in the book of Mormon. In chapter 8 verse 38 it says.  Why do ye not think that greater is the value of an endless happiness than that misery which never dies-because of the praise of the world?  It helped me understand that it is a choice. We need to really see what matters most to us, what has more value. then choose it. We need to not be afraid of the praises of criticizing of the world and choose the things that will give us Joy. It was a great thing that was able to come clear into my mind. I hope it came out good when i typed it. The spirit works great with me in my head, but my fingers and words dont always work super great with the thoughts i was given. Conference was so great thought!!

The first two sessions we were at the institute building where we have church and watched it with the YSA. There was breakfast before, games and a barbecue in between and they gave us all the extra food after. So it was great! We watched the other sessions in the Stake Center. I worked out really good for us.

This week was like cut in half because all the meetings and conference. Not a ton of missionary work got done. But... M-- did have his interview with president and he is getting baptized!!  It made us so happy you have no idea. We dont now if it is going to be this week or the next we hope this week if we can get a hold of him. He is kinda hard to get a hold of. We are so excited for him. He is so great.

Its great to hear all the great things from this week. Its pretty cool that some friends from North Carolina come down! that i am sure was a ton of fun. I hope everyone got as much out of conference as mom did!! i will have to make sure i study a little bit more to catch up with her. and i hope that none of you gained as much weight over conference as i did! because if you did, i am sorry! But have another great week! i love you all a ton!!

Elder Mortensen.

Ps  Mom i just wanted to let you know that i definitely know that you have a really strong testimony and are converted to Christ, living like him to the best of your ability. There is nothing that has more impact on me than you and the example of Charity that you have shown during my whole life. You are a unfailing light that helps lead me in the way of joy that was talked about so much this last weekend. i love you very much for that and for everything else.
also pictures!  

There is nothing better then locking our trainees out side for a little. 
Elder corral also got a bunch of car oil dumped on him. He wasnt to happy about it. 
even more because i thought it was super funny
Its not my face to look at so sorry, but it is just as funny

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