Tuesday, February 21, 2017

They Both Take Everything We Teach Them As Truth


This week was a pretty good one. It luckily got a lot warmer. There were a few days that it was in the 50s! There were also two days straight that it just rained. But luckily the few hours we had planned each day to go tracting it stopped! so that was a big blessing. But no more freezing rain. It is also staying lighter for a little longer, so that is nice. People are lots more receptive to answering their door when it is still light out side. We knocked a lot in the dark this week and we found a lot of people that werent so happy to see us. But only one of them tried to bash with us! So that was good. When it got warm we went out to the boonies to knock. We did meet a lot of nice people but some people are out there for a reason and that reason is because they dont want to see people. So when they get a knock on their door they arent always happy. But we had to get out of town. I have knocked almost every door in town i am pretty sure. There is for sure a ton of people that i havent talked to and houses that didnt answer and still a lot of people being prepared in town, but i really just had a great time taking a break from it. Its crazy almost every other day we find ourselves on the same street. The worst part about being in the middle of no where is there are always dogs and they arent tied up lots of the time. There was one that i thought i was going to have to kick. but we picked up a rock and and walked backwards where we came from, then the owner came out. The dogs ran away and they said they arent interested. But luckily i still had that rock in my pocket for later. At night we were walking down this dark road and these two big black dogs came running at us. Not going to lie, it was pretty scary. Elder Bowers was fumbling to find his light and get it out of his pocket and when he got it out and shined it on the dogs they didnt like that and didnt come too close. but that rock i had almost came to use. Haha it at least gave me some comfort. so it was worth having it in my pocket the whole day. well actually it is still in my pocket. 

This week, i dont know if i told you about A-- last week, But he dropped us. We were helping him live the Word of Wisdom and he was doing really good with it. He was for sure progressing and we were excited for him. But he texted us then called us and said that he doesnt want to stop drinking coffee and smoking and that we dont really need to come back. So that was too bad. We were on a search for a new investigator this week. We didnt find anyone new. But we did have some good lessons with our investigators. The best one was with R-- and L--. We finished teaching the Plan of Salvation and they just loved it. They both take everything we teach them as truth. They show true humility. Its super cool. They are doing pretty good. They havent been to church and that is the next thing we are really going to be working with them on. They want to but things keep coming up. Most of the time it is work and R-- cant do any thing about that. We are excited for them though. funny story. After a lesson with R-- and L-- we just got home we got a call from them and they told us that there was some cop cars looking for us. Where we parked on the side of the street by this house the people got scared and called the cops. Well we left just in time to miss them. You could hear R-- in the back ground saying that we were Benton Cities most wanted for about 10 minutes! It was probably true. They dont have much to do in a town this small.  

We also had a District council yesterday. It went super good. Everyone in the District feels comfortable to share so when i do ask a question they actually respond! and not just one of them, but often all of them!! It is so amazing!! Its been fun to be in this district here. I am excited for this next week and the rest of this transfer. It is going to be a good one. 

Its good to hear that you all had a great week. thanks for always letting me know what is happening. Its fun to hear about. I hope this week is also a super good one for you all! So have a good week! stay out of trouble! i love  you all!!

Elder Mortensen

Also i need a new journal. So if you could get me another one soon that would be very appreciated!! i have still wrote everything everyday!! i am a little proud of that!

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