Monday, February 6, 2017

Her Best Friend Served A Mission And Made Her Promise That When Missionaries Came Over She Would Be Nice And Let Them In For A Little


This was a pretty good week. They first part of the week there was a lot of packing and cleaning the apartment and just after that it was unpacking and i guess it was normal for me just slow. Its always weird to get a new companion! maybe not weird but it is for sure a big change. My new companion is from Indiana! Well kinda. He grew up there and lived in Herriman for 3 years before he came on the mission. So i guess he is still kinda from Utah. This week has been really cool. We had a really good lesson with R-- and L--! They are still doing really good. They should have come to church yesterday but i guess R-- got home super late. We went over for a lesson Saturday at 8 and he just got called out again to work. He works on the railroads. L-- said if he only works a few hours that they would make it to church, but if he worked too long and got home too late it probably wouldnt work. But she said that R-- was really actually wanting to go to church. The spirit has touched both of them and they know they want it. We are having a lesson tonight. We are going to share the first part of the Plan of Salvation and share some of the Bible videos. L-- doesnt really know who Jesus Christ is and wants to learn. So that is why we are sharing the videos. They are doing really good. We went to a baptism! it was really cool. His name is A-- and i dont know if i said this last time, but when i was serving in prosser i taught him and his mom!! It was cool to interview him and also at the baptism Tuesday Elder Stevens and I shared the restoration when he was changing out of his wet clothes. It was a really good baptism. Two of his aunts that were there are now taking the lessons.

 After the baptism we went to find a guy named D--! I guess how it use to work before preach my Gospel was after the 4th discussion if they didnt commit to baptism they would stop teaching them. So that is what happened to him even though he still wanted to learn more. So we found him and he just wants to learn. He is a busy guy that was divorced and now lives alone, but he seems really ready. It was Elder Stevens last night there and he said that always happens that right before he leaves an area they find someone really cool. So we are excited to teach him too. 

R-- and A-- invited us over Saturday for a brunch! they cooked us breakfast and we went over and had a good time. We did teach a little but it was really hard. I think they all slept in to long because they were all irritable and kinda angry. It was just a bad day for them at that time i guess. But the visit was really good. 

On Sunday we pushed our studies during the super bowl. We figured that we wouldnt get in to many peoples houses, at least to teach. They would all want to have us watch the game probably. About 30 minutes before it started we knocked on this door and this kid came out and wasnt very nice and after a little sent us on our way. As we walked down the sidewalk the mom came out and called us back over. I wish this turned into a teaching appointment, that would be cool! but she said she knows how little money we live off of and wanted to give us some food. Her best friend served a mission and made her promise that when missionaries came over she would be nice and let them in for alittle. So she gave us a bowl and a lid and told us to fill it up with what we want. They had some really good food. It was all there Super Bowl food! Then i realized that it was a lady we talked to at the laundry mat one day! it was cool. We had a good discussion with her and two of her daughters.  It was really cool to see how much of an impact even friends in the church can be. They dont want to learn and are all atheist but they are great people. It was super awesome and the food was super good!

This was just a really good week. Elder Bowers is a  great missionary and there are lots of things that i feel i am going to learn from him. this transfer is going to be really good. We have some great people to teach and we are just going to go and find some more! Benton City in a nice little place. I feel like i have knocked almost every single door! but i am not there yet, just close. 

I love you all and hope  you all have a great week! Good luck with everything!!

Elder Mortensen

Elder Bowers and Elder Mortensen

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