Monday, April 3, 2017

It Is Christ Our Redeemer Than Can And Will Save Us

Hello Everyone!! 

Hows it going? This was a super awesome week! It all started off on exchanges with the Assistants. I went up to Kennewick with Elder Tolman, he is from Lehi!  

Elder Tolman and Elder Mortensen on Exchanges

While we were in Kennewick we found a super cool new investigator that put herself on date to be baptized! She used to meet with the missionaries but was put in jail on a false charge so they ended up lettering her out really quick. They should be teaching her up there now. Its always good to have miracles happen on exchanges but you also always hope to come back and find out miracles happened in your area too. When we came back and talked about the day, the Elders down here found some awesome new investigators also! They found 3! They found J-- in a trailer park and we are going back again tomorrow. He said we will make a fire and eat and teach him! He is super awesome.  They also found a couple, J-- and J--. They are super awesome. J-- came to conference with us and loved it! After Saturday morning she took us for lunch. We learned a lot more about her and her husband. He is Catholic and she is just Christian.  On Sunday they watched both sessions and after they finished they gave us a call but we missed it. It was right after the session that Elder Oaks talked about the trinity. We were super scared what they were going to say. We were both thinking they were going to say something about that talk for some reason. They left a voicemail and told us how much they loved it! It was such a relief! They said they loved how it talked about teaching the kids and they loved the promises the Prophets gave us...  They are golden.  We also helped their granddaughter move and she is really prepared also. They are excited to come to church and we are going to have a church tour this week with them all. We are so excited for them. 

So there is a soccer finding activity. Its where we all just get together and play soccer! You can go if you have investigators. It was the  M-- family that went with us. It was awesome. There was a less active member and like 15 investigators! Now we are just trying to get more members involved so there can be some more fellowship. But it was a ton of fun. I beat this guy and started running past him right next to the wall. He bumped into me. Between my legs being tired from running in the morning and him hitting me, i couldnt really stop it from happening but i smashed into the fake wall they have in all the churches. I ran into it for like 6 steps before i decided to stop for some reason. My head was kinda scraped up in my hair and my shoulder and arm were all bruised that night. It was all like purple. It was fun! Thats one of the most exciting things that happened this week.  

This week was just awesome! We had a few really good lessons and we stayed really busy. General conference was awesome! Sunday night we went to our ward mission leaders house with G-- one of our investigators and re watched part of it with her. She had to work so she couldnt watch it before. But we watched Elder Claytons talk and Elder Costas talk. They were both super awesome. She really liked them. She asked if they are online and how she could find them. So she is going to start listening to them!  I dont know what my favorite talk was but i do have a few favorite parts and ideas that were talked about and came together for me throughout a few talks. My favorite was about the Atonement. Elder Renlund talked about how the atonement shouldn't be seen as a separate entity that can forgive us of our sins and save us, but it it Christ, our redeemer that can and will save us. Also it was talked about how the atonement Is sometimes seen as a negative thing. But it should be seen as a positive thing and a way to see heavenly power in your life. I also liked President Eyrings in Priesthood. He asked the question or at least this is what i got from something he said. But to ask yourself if I bring the power of godliness in my service. That is something that we need as missionaries.  It over all was just a super awesome Conference. 

Elders Watching Conference

This was just an awesome week. I hope it was super great for all of you also. It was good to hear all the fun things that have been happening. Its cool to think you all met some people from the great Benton City! I hope you all have a great week!! I love you all!!

Elder Mortensen

Elder Mortensen and Elder Corral at Zone Conference

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