Monday, March 27, 2017

It Is Really Cool To Be Able To Share The Simple Things Over And Over Again Because It Strengthens Your Testimony So Much


This week was a crazy one!! I actually just had a kinda cool thing happen. We are at the Family History Center and the phone rang and i picked it up and talked to them. It is a family that has been looking for some help. They are struggling and were wondering if we could do anything to help. I talked to them that we are missionaries and would love to come over and talk with them and see what we could do to help. The cool thing is it is in an area where the missionaries are struggling to have people to teach. I really hope that this will turn up for them and that a miracle can happen for them. Its been interesting to see the Zone and how all the areas are different from another. From what I see is it all comes down to the missionaries attitude. A missionary that has a bad attitude and doesn't like being in Hermiston has had a really hard time. They have like 1 person to teach. Another set of missionaries that has been having a hard time but decided to get out and do a lot of work found a couple of new investigators and had 6 investigators at church! The attitude of a missionary is sooo important! It carries on to even more then missionary work too. It just seems easier to see as missionaries. 

This week we stayed really busy with Zone Conference, stake correlation, Interviews, a Stake missionary meting, and all the other things we had. Tuesday we had Zone Conference and that took most of the day, especially because we had to drive a little more then an hour to get there. Elder Shumway and I gave a training on praying with Investigators. With some people they are like children in the gospel so when they hear a "Mormon prayer" they dont think there is ever a way they could do that and they end up not praying and then they wont be able to come to know if it is true. So the training was on saying simple prayers then the whole purpose of the first visit is to help them know the role of  prayer and how that is the way they will come to know what we teach is true. It has been super amazing to teach like that. It has also really helped me in my personal prayers. Interviews were really good too. We talked a lot about the Zone and how all the missionaries here are doing and how we can help them. I am feeling a lot more able to be a Zone leader. At first i was kinda blown away and didnt know how i was going to do it. But i have stepped into it more.  This last Saturday we went to a baptism and we were the ones that were asked to teach when they were changing. We taught the Restoration as you taught us. It was really good. The spirit was there very strong. Using the pictures in the pamphlet to teach seemed to help a lot. It gave the people there something to look at to try to catch their attention a little more. I dont know if there were any investigators there but the Bishop afterward was grateful to hear the simple truths that we shared. It is really cool to be able to share the simple things over and over again because it strengthens your testimony so much. 

Our area seems to be doing pretty good. We have a lot of good people that are pretty much ready for baptism they just have some small things that they need to get over. They are feeling the adversity but they are all showing a lot of faith and doing the things we invite them to do. They are all doing really good.  There is a Lady named G-- and she just needs to figure out how to get out of work so she can stay longer at church. She is now Coffee free!! she just has to stop smoking now. We are going to do the 15 step program with here. It is a program to help people get rid of the desire to smoke. It take a lot of dedication, but it does work.  Another is named A--. She is so cool. She is having a baby today and it has been hard for her to do much but she wants so bad to meet with us and we have been teaching her. She wants this so bad. We gave her a priesthood blessing with her fellowshiper. She was really grateful for that. There are two kids M-- and M--. They are super coo. They came to church and they really like it. Their dad is to worried about bills to do much with us, or at least come to church, but they are doing awesome. 

Well this week was just awesome. It was also super busy. It was great to hear from you and i will be excited to hear from you this next week!! I hope you all have a great week and a great time watching General Conference!  Its like the Super Bowl for Missionaries!

I love you all!

Elder Mortensen

Its great to see Jax playing soccer again. I know there had to be part of his brain still in there.  He finally found out how to use it again. 

When they Cannons come just say thanks for me. I loved being down in Benton City. They helped me out a lot. I hope the trip goes good for them and that Benton City is still doing good. 

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