Monday, March 20, 2017

It Is Only Through Prayer We Can Receive More Charity And It Is Only Through Diligent Prayer That That Love Will Endure


Its good to hear that it was a good week down in Utah! It was a pretty good week up here. We stayed super busy with all our zone leader responsibilities. It was crazy! We have correlation with Stake tomorrow so we have had to do a bunch of different reports for that and that took a ton of time. We never really had a time for weekly planning so that hasnt happened yet. We are just really busy. I know i said i felt a little bit like the district mom, but now its for real! and the family is bigger! There are lots of really good missionaries here. Some that i already know and others i dont. At times i feel super unqualified i guess to be a zone leader. It is really weird. The missionaries look up to their leaders so much and i feel like i need to be so much better as a missionary to be a zone leader people look up to. I dont see it as a bad thing i just know it is going to be the thing to keep pushing me forward.   There are some awesome people we are teaching down here. One that we have taught 2 times and she also came to church yesterday for her first time, her name is A--! She is super cool. She is pregnant right now so she isnt feeling so great and was only able to stay for the first hour of church. But she says she is just ready. A while ago she was being taught but just didnt feel ready. So she will be baptized but it will be in a couple of weeks. There is also this kid L-- that is totally a dry Mormon. He is the seminary president! His mom and dad separated and they made him make a promise that te cant get baptized into the church until he is 16 and old enough to make that decision. Well now he is 16 and we have a interview this week and are planning to have the baptism as a mutual activity.  Its going to be pretty cool. There is also a couple other people that we are teaching and it seems to be going super good. There is a bunch of solid potentials that we should have as new investigators here soon. 

Its fun to be here with elder Shumway. He was trained when i was in Prosser. He is about a year out. Just a little longer. I am over the same area but i was in Spanish before so now its a different ward because the Spanish meet over in just one of the wards. So i recognize some of the members. It is kinda weird to be in the same place. a lot of memories come back and i remember a lot more then i thought i would. There are a lot of houses i remember knocking on and people i remember talking to. Its a ton of fun. I might see some of the people i taught, but i am not sure. There are a lot of administrative things i have to do now. The ministering things are the same as a district leader its just with more missionaries and we work through the District leaders. Its kinda cool. Also the next transfer most likely will be 7 weeks, but i am not sure yet. 

Its fun to hear about all the fun things that you all are doing. It is all things that i never really did. I guess i was a boring person or something. Its to bad to hear that Dad isnt going on that humanitarian trip, but it was decided through prayer so it is for sure what needs to happen. Prayer is so amazing. We were studying and we were talking about prayer. I dont remember the scripture exactly but it is something like Moroni 8:26, maybe. But it taught us that through prayer we can receive more charity and it is only through diligent prayer that that love will endure. It is so important to pray for those we love and it teaches us why we should pray for our enemies or those that hate us. We will only grow in love and if we are full of love the scriptures say that it shall be well with us. Prayer does more than i can even imagine. It is how i have seen so many miracles in my mission. I am so grateful for it. 

Well i hope you all have a great week and stay safe!!  sorry its I love you all!

Elder Mortensen

You will like the Cannons. They are super awesome people. Its cool to hear that you are all doing that for them. I guess i have a pretty good family after all!

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