Monday, March 6, 2017

The Missionary Purpose Brought Down To Two Words Is Help And Invite


This was a pretty good week. There was a lot of good things going on. Thanks for letting me know about the fast for Dad. It was for sure something that i wanted to be apart of. I really hope dad gets feeling better. 

During the week we stayed pretty busy. We are teaching not a ton but a good amount. We have a lot of super awesome people. Now we are needing more! That has kinda been our focus in the last little bit. To find new investigators. We also had a lot of meeting this week. Wednesday we had a District Council that went pretty good. Thursday we had MLC. Usually its just the Zone Leaders and the sister training leaders but this time they had the District leaders also. There was two of the representatives from the missionary department. It was a super good meeting. They taught us how to just be good missionaries simple enough. The missionary purpose brought down to two words is Help and Invite. They said in this mission we do super good at inviting. often after a first lesson we set people of date for baptism. But they said what we need to work on is helping people now. We need to have the focus of what we do and the goal of every lesson of helping people build their faith in Jesus Christ. The first thing is praying very very simple with them. Its kinda hard. Not saying thee or thou or any other Mormon words. Just a simple simple prayer. It was been really good so far. We had a Zone Council tomorrow that we, the zone leaders and district leaders will be giving all the information to the rest of the Zone. I am in charge of the church tour part of it. It is going to be good.  Then Friday we had a meeting to plan what we are going to share and how we are going to share everything from MLC in a meeting tomorrow. So it was good. 

The sister here had a baptism this last Saturday and it went really good. We had one of our investigators with us and that was awesome! He liked it. After the baptism we committed him to coming to church. He was totally going to come too! we called him in the morning Sunday and he was up and planning to come but his mom just called and invited him to breakfast. so he didnt come. There is also a less active guy that we met Saturday and he was sooo awesome!! he is like a big teddy bear. He wants to come to chruch but it is a big step for him and its hard. he has been reading in the Book of Mormon though. He was up and ready to go but he said that he chickened out. It was to bad. 

We had some good visits with R-- and L--. They are so awesome. They are doing really good. They have been praying and reading more and more. It is so awesome. He is super busy with work. But we are going over tonight. I am excited. 

I am just excited for this week. It is going to be a good one. I hope that you all have a great week. I hope you get feeling better dad! i love you all! sorry its short. There is four elders here right now and it is really distracting. so i hope that it all makes since!! If it dosent make sense, just know that it was a good week!!

Elder Mortensen

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