Monday, March 13, 2017

Make Sure You Are Doing What God Wants You To Do


This was a crazy week! You are also right, this is transfer week! Sadly i am leaving. Its kinda mixed feelings. There are a bunch of awesome people i want to stay and teach but the city seems to be getting smaller and smaller and its hard to know where we should go to work because i have been everywhere here multiple times. So it is sad but i am also excited. I am going back down to Oregon! i will be in Hermiston again! That is where my first area was! I am going to be serving with Elder Shumway! I lived with him in Prosser and also in Pasco. So it is going to be a ton of fun. President might be going a little crazy, he asked if i would serve as a Zone Leader down there. So i guess that is what is going to happen! It is going to be another big change! I will be only be English work also. This transfer is also only going to be 5 weeks for some reason. 

This week we found two new investigators, C-- and L--. They are a young couple living in a trailer. They are like a year or two older than us. We shared very simply the Restoration and helped them build their faith that they can pray and God will answer their prayers. Sunday we went back and shared more about the Book of Mormon and introduced it to them and read a little with them and invited them to read. They said they would. They also accepted a baptismal invitation! they are preparing to be baptized on April 22! It is so awesome! they are super good. They are so humble and seem ready to be baptized. To bad i am leaving i guess, but its alright. Elder Bowers will be training here so it will be good for his new missionary to teach them. 

We had a church tour planned with R-- and L-- this Saturday. They said they liked the idea and it would help them feel a lot more comfortable to come Sunday for the first time. It ended up not working though. We had it all planned but R-- had to run somewhere to help a friend out with something.  They didnt make it to church either. It really is just to bad. they are super solid though. R-- is thinking of getting a new job and that will free up a lot of time. We are going back today or tomorrow to teach them and also to say goodbye. 

I am going to miss this area. Being somewhere for four and a half months it kinda starts to grow on you. The ward is great here. It is going to be cool to be back in Hermiston and hopefully i will see some of the people i know when i was down there the first time. It is going to be really fun. 

I hope dad is feeling a bit better and will just keep feeling better and better. Its good to hear that the week other than that went pretty good. Its cool that some of you got to see the face to face. I didnt see that one. I saw just now the new first vision video. I think that was when it was introduced. It was kinda cool. I am excited for it. Its crazy to think of all the different things that you are all doing. Keep having a good time. Make sure you are doing what God wants you to do and you will at least be happy. That is something i have learned. Its not always "fun", But it does bring a lot of Joy. We were talking this week about choosing to be happy. We decided that we cant just take every situation we are in and choose to be happy, but we can take every situation we are in, also learn Gods will and follow it, then we will always be able to choose to be happy. It all depends on if we are doing the things that we know to be right. 

I hope this will be a good week for you all. Dad i hope and pray that you will be feeling better. I love you all! Bye bye!!

Elder Mortensen

Some of my favorite people from Benton City.

A-- B-- with Elder Mortensen

Elder Mortensen with the F--

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