Monday, June 5, 2017

At The End He Prayed And Asked God To Help Him Find An Answer If This Is All True

Hello family,

Wow! Its good to hear all about your last week!  Jaxsens Ragnar sounds like a ton of fun.  If i was in shape i would do one of those.  It looks like it is going to a hot one for all of you!  that is crazy. That is way too hot to do much in.  That is about what it is going to be here.This last couple of days were colder.  There was actually thunder and lightening! Usually the clouds for some reason go right around Hermiston, even the tri-cities too.  So that was pretty cool.  Alis St George trip sounded like it was pretty fun! I remember the senior trips i went on and they were a blast.  They were a little different.  We went up the mountains and played in the dirt.  its good to hear that Dad is feeling good enough to at least run a few miles, Even if he shouldn't! It sounded great. 

Well guess what!! I am getting moved! i cant even believe it. At first it threw me off and i wasnt too excited about it. Once the initial shock went away i am actually kinda excited, but still really dont want to leave. I am getting doubled in and i am SO excited about that one. i love doing that. I dont know how to spell my companions name but it is something like Winawaya. He is from some island that i cant remember. I only met him once. But i am no longer a Zone leader. Thats to bad it was really fun and kinda different, but president said that when Elder Winawaya goes home they will likely want to put him in leadership sometime in his life and wants me to teach him how to be a leader. So i will be a district leader. President said that when i go home that he might keep Elder W there and make him the District leader. So that will be cool to help him do that. 

This week was so great! that is part of the reason i dont want to leave. We found three awesome new investigators! Also had lots of other good lessons with people we have been teaching. C-- and C-- have been doing better. We had a lesson and helped them understand why they are reading the Book of Mormon. Also the importance of coming to church. That is going to be their big thing. C-- doesnt like organized religion. They are doing better and better though. G-- was in Portland. Her mom past away. So she was down there for a few days so our lesson had to get pushed back with her. We didnt teach T--. her life is crazy and she is running around a lot so that is going to be a hard thing, just catching her with time to teach her. For the last lesson we had at the end she said that that was the longest she has just sat in her living room for the last year. Her situation is really hard. She is doing good though. we found a new guy named A--. he is really cool. In the past he has read all of the Book of Mormon and he is just trying to figure out how he can know if Joseph Smith is a prophet.  So that is what they are going to be helping him with. He is awesome and super humble too. We taught T-- again too. He is doing good. We also explained why he is reading the Book of Mormon and how he is going to come to know it is true. At the end he prayed and asked God to help him find an answer if this is all true. It was really cool. 

So this week i will be headed off to Kennewick! i have never been there. So happy Birthday to me! i will be in a van headed up to the tri-cities! i am actually excited it is going to be awesome. I hope everything is great for all of you! have a great week! i love you all.

Elder Mortensen

Well there was a super awesome sunset a few days ago. Its always better in person though.

Haha also we were trying to take a picture of the lightning and a cop came and talked to us.
It was all good they just though we were broke down. Its a funny picture though. 

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