Tuesday, May 30, 2017

As We Talked About How God Really Does Love Her And Is There To Help, Tears Came To Her Eyes


Well first things first, i am jealous you all went to the cabin! Even just seeing mountains in a picture is exciting. The mountains came up in our conversation last week because there are some youth that were going to go hike Badger Mountain (badger bump) and we were talking about how it isn't even a mountain at all.   We bet that when a plane flies to Utah and is full of missionaries that when they see mountains that everyone just starts to cheer! I wouldn't be too surprised if it really happened!   But it looks like it was a fun week! Its weird to think that school is already out! the school here goes for another two weeks! there was like 7 snow days they had to add on. It is crazy. Summer is here! it for sure feels like it! it was like 95 yesterday! It was soo hot. Someone was saying they think it is going to be a really hot summer and reach 120. So we will pray that doesn't happen. I really liked that analogy about keeping a testimony burning and always doing things to strengthen it. that is so true. One thing that i always think of for a testimony or conversion is its like rowing a boat up stream. It you arent working hard enough you wont go anywhere but if you arent working at all you will go backwards. The reason that living the gospel takes hard work is because that is faith! The first principle of the Gospel. Faith gets us to act, to do things that we otherwise might not do. To gain more faith you have to do something hard, you have to do something that requires faith. So if we want it to be easy we are to focused on ourselves and not focused on others, and for sure not focused on Christ. Being a missionary has been so amazing! i love it so much. We get to just go around and help everyone that will accept it. 

We did a lot of finding this week. Our focus was to be more diligent in working and we were able to do that. It was hot but we were able to get out there and work more than the weeks in the past. It helped that we didn't have to many meetings or anything. On the hottest day we found a bunch of potential investigators! Yesterday we went back and had a lesson with one named T--. She is in a really humble spot in her life. She was in a really bad relationship for 8 years. her oldest child was able to roll it off his shoulders but caused lots of problems for her middle child. also her youngest one has leukemia. It is just her and her three children. So its been hard. She doesn't have any religious background. She prayed with her aunt until she was about 5 then that was it.  So we first talked about Jesus Christ, then how God loves her and her family and that he will bless them. As we talked about how God really does love her and is there to help, tears come to her eyes. If i were to guess i would say that she hasn't felt that love from anyone for a long time. It was a really great experience to be able to help her feel that spirit. We then focused on prayer and taught her how to pray. We invited her to pray and ask if God loves her, also to pray and ask if he is there and if he will help her and her family. We are very excited to be able to go back and continue to help her grow in her faith and learn that God really is there for her. It was a really amazing experience. I was feeling the spirit really strong as we were there. 

G-- has been hard to find time to have a lesson with her. She is doing really good still. She reads the Book of Mormon everyday and prays everyday and she really does know that it is true, she just needs Sundays off so she can come to Church! She went on vacation this weekend which is good. She said she hasn't done that for like 4 years. She works too hard. But we do have a lesson with her this Wednesday at the old stake presidents house! it is going to be sweet!

Well that is kinda this week in a nut shell. Well i guess we also taught C-- and C-- this week. They are doing really good and accepted an invitation to be baptized! We are going back Wednesday again to teach them! This area is just doing really great. I have loved being here. 

I hope the First week of Summer goes great for you all! enjoy the sun! and Jaxsen, make sure you start shrinking. I love you all!!

Elder Mortensen

A picture from a District Council!

We, for some reason, had the idea to make a barricade so the Elders couldn't get in. It worked!! For a little. And it only took like 5 minutes! It was fun.

This was our District! one of the pictures at least.

Also you got to love being in the country!!

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