Monday, May 8, 2017

It Is Amazing To See How The Work I Was Able To Do Or The Work Of Any Missionary Really, Just Spreads

Hi again!! 

This week was crazy!! It was super awesome! I dont even know where to start. I guess with the not so fun stuff. We had interviews. Those aren't bad, other than they ran almost 5 hours behind because the sister missionaries talk a ton. So good thing that we didnt have a dinner planned that night because that wouldn't have happened. We had MLC and that was super good. It for the most part was training on how to help people over come problems with the Word of Wisdom. In the last 2 months there was been 50 people in the mission that fell off date for baptism because of the word of wisdom. So it is by far the biggest thing that keeps people from being baptized in this mission. So after that we went to teach A--. We taught the Word of Wisdom. She is living it already!! After that the thoughts that went through my head were like, What now? i didnt think this ever happened. So we just went for it and started teaching other things with it. It was awesome. She is doing really good. She says that she is just ready for this.  Her boyfriend in the past really didnt like us and was causing some problems. But now he likes us!! he actually likes her meeting with us too. We are hoping that now he will meet with us. This last Saturday we also went to the Temple! There was a guy named B-- that went through for the first time. It was someone back in Prosser that Elder Shumway taught and baptized. It was a year ago. The really cool thing about it is It was a referral from T--. So in Prosser we found and taught T-- and she was baptized, that was amazing enough! But a little after her baptism she sent the missionaries to B-- to go and teach him and he was baptized not long after. Now B-- has helped others be baptized as a ward missionary. It is amazing to see how the work i was able to do or the work of any missionary really, just spreads. More and more people learn of the church and live the Gospel. Just to think how much more it will happen through the generations. This is an amazing church and it definitely contains the true Gospel. It is so amazing to be out here as a missionary. All the time i am just sitting there in the apartment in the mornings or nights and just thinking. Then it comes to me how much i love being a missionary. It is super amazing. There is nothing i want to do more then be here right now. This week i also had my testimony of prayer strengthened. I learned you need to be careful with prayer! So G-- was living the Word of Wisdom until her boy friend J-- came home. He caused her to stress a lot and she started smoking again. Because she was so stressed she had really bad migraines. Then we weren't able to find her for a while. She would be sick sleeping or at work. we thought she was embarrassed maybe for falling back into smoking or something. We really had no idea. She kinda just disappeared. So we decided it was time to teach her the law of chastity because that will help her stop smoking and it will all be much better after that. So we have been praying for the last week of how we can teach her that. She has been with him 10 years and we just dont know how to help her with this one. So we finally found her Yesterday. She hasnt been doing very good. J-- kinda went crazy and blew up.We were talking with her asking what we can do. We talked about reading and praying always. She has been doing both everyday!! thats awesome. We are going to fast with her wednesday. She said that J-- if for sure leaving she wont let him stay. When she said that my heart kinda leaped for joy. It was really sad but i couldn't help but think it was an answer to our prayers. Things with her will get better. Our prayers were answered this far and i have no worries that those blessing will stop coming. It is what you call a miracle in disguise! She will live the law of Chastity here soon! we are excited for her in that way. So that was the big part of the week! oh, also our dry Mormon/seminary president friend is finally getting baptized!! The weekend of the 20th there is no baseball for him and we have the green light! i am soo excited for that!  It was just a week of miracles. It was a great week!

I really hope dad gets feeling better! it kinda looks crazy. i will keep praying for you! Thanks for the update on everything. Sorry i dont have much more time. But i really do like hearing about all your week. I hope this next week is also a great one for you all. I love you all!

Elder Mortensen. 

We dont have a set time for Skype yet, but it will for sure happen. We are trying to find the best place to do it. We will for sure have a place though. we are thinking doing it sometime in the evening. I will also get to call for just a second on Saturday to set it all up 

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