Monday, May 15, 2017

We Learned How To Guard The Flame of Faith

Hi again!! 

It was super awesome talking to you all yesterday! It was super fun. It was weird though. Its always kinda weird to take a break and just talk to your family. Its good to hear that you are all doing really good though.  Especially that dad got some help getting his head screwed on right and it is feeling better. Hopefully this whole not being able to exercise thing gets a little weight on you! I have to catch up some how! Its cool to hear about all the things that are happening back at home. It seems like it has been a lot of fun the last while. 

This last week i already told you mostly about. We also had Zone Conference. President White trained us on Guarding the flame of faith. How it has to be a constant thing or it will burn low or burn out. Its something that we have to do with ourselves. It is also something that we have to do to help our investigators. Lots of the time the best way we can help our investigators is getting a small chance everyday or every other day to get to talk with them. When Ginger was trying to stop smoking we stopped by everyday at her house or at work just to see how she was doing and give her a little more support. There were times that it was really hard for her and she said that if we didn't come she doesn't know if she would have been able to not smoke. So it was cool to see that we were brought over at just the right time. We also had some training on helping our investigators over come problems with the Word of Wisdom. In the last two months here in this Zone there were 16 people who fell off date to be baptized because of the word of wisdom. That is so much! so we have a little more focus on that and need to make sure we are teaching the doctrine behind it, because there is actually a lot of doctrine behind it. Its pretty cool. Well i dont know what more to say! sorry its short today, but at least we got to talk yesterday! i love you all! have a great week!

Elder Mortensen

Pictures from Zone Conference! 

The one is with Elder Corral and his sweet glasses! 

This one is a picture of all the missionaries that are from Lehi!! its crazy how many there are! And thats just two Zones! I dont know who there are so many from Lehi, but its pretty cool.

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