Monday, May 1, 2017

We Had A Lot of Finding Time and It Felt Really Good

Hello again! 

This week was awesome! It was kinda hard to find a time to teach some of our investigators but it was still really good. A-- is doing really good and is working again. This last week we had a lesson set up and she ended up not showing up! So we called her and she didnt answer. So we gave her a day or two and stopped by. She fell asleep!! for some reason she has been really tired and sleeping a lot, so that was why she didnt show up. But we have a lesson Wednesday and we really hope that it will work this time. Also we had one with G--. She ended up having to work late. She is a manager at Dominoes. Then we rescheduled and she got sick with the flu for a few days! Also last Monday we found 3 new investigators! well i guess Monday it was 2. A dad and his son. D-- and I--. It was a super good lesson. I-- was taught before by some missionaries and kinda just disappeared right before his baptism. but now his dad is back. He has some problems that he is trying to work out. But he is really cool. Then on exchanges Elder Shumway and a different elder went and taught them again and taught the mom, L--! and she is super awesome too! so that was awesome. Then we had another lesson set up. But that got canceled! A little before we came over for a lesson their drivers window got bashed in and their windshield cracked so they had to go file a police report. So we weren't able to have a lesson. Later that night we stopped by and they were playing soccer outside. so we talked to them for a little and kicked a ball around. They are super cool and we are going back tonight to teach them again. So this week was a weird one but a lot of good things happened. We went to visit G--. She is really sick right now and just isnt dong very good. So she needs a little more time before she can meet with us. She said she would be reading though. We also did some service for this old lady that was moving from one apartment to another. For some reason she looked familiar to both of us. We never figured out why. But we are going to go back because we think that we are going to be able to teach them. It was her and her grandson that is living with her. He is 10 and was super cool. He just followed us around the whole time kinda helping but just talking with us and messing around. There was also this other lady, we dont really know if she was related or not or just a friend. But she was super cool too. Her grandparents are members that live on the same street as us. So we are going to go find them this week and hopefully start teaching them.  Well that was kinda our week this week. We had a lot of finding time and it felt really good. sometimes there isnt to much of that with all the little things that we have to get done. 

It looks like it was a good week down there in Utah! Me and Elder Shumway got a kick out of the picture of Jaxsen and a bunch of kids with shovels in the middle of nowhere! I actually did guess what they were doing though. I am sure it was a lot of fun. sounds like prom was fun for Ali! sorry you had to go with a goober like him!! Haha the Curtis's are sweet! Well i hope that the week goes really great for all of you. For sure that dad can finally get his neck worked on. So good luck with that. I will be praying for you. I really love you all!

Elder Mortensen
Some times we get kinda bored in the apartment. I dont know how things like this happen, but they just seem to happen. 

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