Monday, May 22, 2017

L--, The Seminary President Got Baptized!

Hey again! 

Well this week was a pretty good week! We had a few good lessons, we found two new investigators and we had a baptism! The new investigators that we found were a referral from some other elders. their names are C-- and C--. They said they wanted a Book of Mormon. So we went by and talked to them last week and gave them a Book of Mormon. This week we went to teach them. They talk a ton so the first time we didnt really teach to much. But they both read! C-- said that he had a hard time putting it down! He read into 2 Nephi and C-- read into 1 Nephi 8. His last wife was a member and he went to church with her for a while. She got offended and they didnt go back. Then later they split up. When C-- was young her family joined the church but she was a teenager and she wasnt very interested then. But now she is super interested and he is also. So it was really cool to teach them. They had a bunch of questions that had to do with the Plan of Salvation, so that was what we taught them! They liked it a lot.  They are awesome.  This Sunday we just had baptism for L--! It was super awesome! there were like 100 people there! It was the most people i have ever seen at a baptism! it was crazy! Like half were youth. He is the Seminary president so a bunch of the seminary students came. It was a super good baptism. G-- is doing pretty good. She has been sick so we didnt teach her. But she hasnt smoked any!!! i told her it has to be a blessing in disguise! And that she needs to take that as a start to not smoking any more. She is doing really good. We have a lesson with her tomorrow. 

So funny story. This happened like two weeks ago but i dont think i told you about it. So one night we were sitting in our room on the floor and Elder Shumway had a cup of milk and it was right next to the phone. I put the phone across the top of the cup and looked at him and told him dont do anything stupid. So he looked at the phone at tried to smack it off but hit it straight up and it dropped right into the milk! We both just kinda looked at it amazed that that just happened. then quickly grabbed it out of the milk and i ran out trying to figure out what to do with it. I didnt know if i should rinse it off or dry it or something. I was so confused. So we just threw it in a bowl of rice. Now when anyone asks why we need their number we have to tell them it fell into milk. So they get a laugh out of it. We called the lady at the mission home to get a new one and she said she expected that out of her 3 year old granddaughter, but not us! Oh also how do you like our new mission car? all the members always tell us how lucky we are! we have had it for like the last month. It is awesome. 

Well i hope the last week of school is fun! its not really school so i am sure it will be. I hope the summer will be a good one. I feel like it is going to be a hot one. It had been hitting 90 already. I dont know if i am ready for that. But its coming either way. Its good to hear dads neck is doing a lot better! Well i love you all! thanks for writing again!

Elder Mortensen

L--'s Baptism with Elder Shumway, L--, Elder Mortensen

We found a big bee hive or something like it and we of course threw rocks at it:)

Our new mission car.  Haha ya we are lucky. There are 2 in the mission, ours and the Assistants drive the other. It drives super nice. there are a bunch of dirt roads in our area and now we dont have to go super slow anymore! its great! 

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