Monday, February 22, 2016

He Said That He Has Been Looking For This His Whole Life


Your favorite missionary is just doing great again!  This week not a ton of things really happened. We are working really hard to get the work here really moving along, but not much is happening apart from the awesome investigators we have already had. T-- is ELECT! I dont really know how she is so ready to accept this all into her life, but she has been looking for it for a long time and was ready for it all. One thing that i did lie about, well i didnt try but i kinda did. She didnt read the Book of Mormon in 20 days. It was really 5!!! she is crazy! it was over a 8 day period but she only read it 5 of them! When she was going into the military for the tests they told her that she has a completely photographic memory. She reads it and will never forget it. I dont know how, but she remembers all that she read in the Book of Mormon and agrees with it all. She wanted to learn more so now she finished The Gospel Principles book and has got a chunk of the Doctrine and Covenants done. We taught her the word of wisdom. She said that she drinks iced tea every day. She was joking and said well it says hot drinks so this has to be alright, right? but then she just said well ya i will do that, But McDonald's is going to miss me every morning. It was the easiest word of wisdom lesson ever! she committed herself to live it. She will be baptized on the 5th of March. We also got a referral for this guy named M--. We met with him, he is awesome! He is like T-- caliber! He said that he has been looking for this his whole life. He finally found a church that fits all that he believes. He has been to church multiple times with his LDS fiance. In the lesson after we got him to stop talking, hes a salesman, and started teaching. He said that i really am not doing this for anyone else, i want this for me. He said he would like to be baptized as soon as he can. We are planning on the 12 of march but have not committed it to him yet. He also is listening to the Book of Mormon on his 40 minute drive to work everyday. He said it is his time for him and God. He is so cool. Its a weird situation so we dont know if it is going to be us or the Sisters teaching him. so we will have to see later. A-- mom works terrible hours and they are random usually, so we were not able to meet with them this week. We wernt really able to talk to them as she was literally running to work. This area is so great! I love it. Transfers are this Wednesday and i am just praying that the lord wants me and Elder Harward here. Also S-- went on a vacation to Seattle and just got home so we will have to find him soon. He was gone the whole week.

We have been using Elder Renlands advice. There is a part in chapter 5 in Preach my Gospel that also teaches about how to respond to objections with the Book of Mormon. We have been trying to do that more. Just relating everything back to them having a testimony and knowing that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and if God and Jesus Christ really did restore their church and gospel through them to be back on the earth. Its really is the best way to go about teaching.

Its good to hear everything back in Lehi is going great! It sucks you finally decided to do angles landing when i am not there, but i guess its alright. It seems like you all are staying busy with something. Thats always fun. I have heard a lot about the Provo City temple. there is a few members that drove down to go to the open house and said it was an awesome temple. It seems like it. Especially with the history behind it. I hope that all goes well with all that is happening back at home. Good luck with it all. especially to Jaxsen shoveling the grass to play soccer!  Have a great week! i love you all!

Elder Mortensen

Elder Mortensen and Elder Harward eating Elder Mortensen's professional breakfast
of pumpkin spice pancakes with icecream and syrup.  Josh said it was good and good for us!

A text from M--

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