Monday, February 1, 2016

This Week We Got Chased By A Princess!

WWWOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!! Brianne is home! That is so weird. I bet it has been a lot of fun. It always is when a missionary comes home. the biggest question is, is she as weird as Brayden was right when he came home? Well Brayden painted the Play house, maybe Brianne will just have the paint the actual house! I hope the cold has been fun, we dont really have much here. The first week was all cloudy and foggy and rainy and cold. but like right now, i am in a short sleeve shirt. its weird because it is the beginning of February.  But ya you will have to make sure i get all the stories that Brianne tells because i think that is the part that i am going to really miss. Well i also miss all my family. but You will all be there when i come back. its going to be weird with brianne not being a missionary though. Thanks for all the pictures It looks like i am even still the tallest. even though it was my fat head but it was well placed on a hill i guess. Haha ya and mom is the Shortest!! well close. little Jax will catch up eventually.

The new area is great. Dont even worry mom, the gangs arent dangerous for us. They all love Jesus people. Thats what lots of them say. There really hasnt been anytime that has been a little weird or scary, other than this one time! but that was because of this dog! We were walking around in Mabton and we heard this bark. I was just like oh no, thats not the German shepard thats usually tied up there. Then this big pit bull walked around the bush. that turned both of us around sooo fast! it kept following us. we picked up a rock but it didnt run away like it usually does. We walked faster, then it walked faster, then it started running. Elder Harward said dont run. Then at the same time we both took off. He turned around some cars but the dog followed me! but good thing there was this truck. somehow i hurdled into it and luckily landed on my feet. then stood there and elder Harward was standing past some cars and was just like, what are you standing on?? well a truck, duh. then he ran around and got in also. a car with 2 mexicans drove by and they had the biggest smiles. we just waved. then the house where the truck was parked in front of, opened the door and kinda laughed then said we could just stay there for a little. Then the owner came around and yelled for it. and it ran away. We said thanks to the people in the house and went on working. It was super scary actually. the worst part was the owner yelled the name princess to get the dog. So this week we got chased by a princess! But now i can call myself a real missionary because i have a dog story. We did talk to the guy with tattoos, his name is F--. He told us kinda his life story. mostly the story of evading cops for like 40 minutes. then ended up in him with 35 years in Jail. He shot 6 cops and now is home just hanging out in his house until march when he goes to jail, again.

We went to M--s house. She has no short term memory now. She remembers that we came over but nothing that we talked about. She felt really sad about this. Her husband J-- told us it wasnt going to work for us to be able to keep teaching her. He told us that he has been told that she will be baptized and will be married in the temple to her. He said he was just impatient and wanted it right now. He told us thanks and that he will track us down when that happens that we will have to be there. They are an awesome family. We still go over to just visit for just a little. We have taught T--! the last lesson was tuesday. she was just finishing Alma! she reads more then most members! The lesson was aweosme but she didnt want to say yes to baptism until she went to church and knew what it was really like, because she has had bad experiences at churches. She came to church and loved it! The ward was amazing to get to know her and make her feel like family. It was awesome. We have another lesson with her tomorrow and are going to invite her to baptism again! we are so excited for her. she is so awesome! That is the only like solid person we have right now. We also havent been able to teach this lady named M-- because she is so busy. but she came to church! so thats great for her and we are excited when we will get a time to teach her.

I dont have a favorite meal. but i do have a favorite place. its El Caporal!!! we have been there like 5 times now! its funny elder Harward is indecisive and keeps getting what i get. i make fun of him. the waitress at El Cap also made fun of him about it. We have been there enough they all know us.We talk to a lot of both english and spanish speakers. actually one day in Mabton, the day we got chased by the dog, we were there the whole day and only talked to one white guy. the rest were Hispanic! there is a reason they call it little Mexico!   ya i dont know if i am getting fat, but it is coming slowly. i dont want it to happen. and i usually say that right before i eat some Oreos. so i dont know how that is going to work. we will see. thanks for always letting me know what is happening back at home. I love you all!! Have a great week!

Elder Mortensen

Ps yes i did get the package with the Journal thanks also the other one too. sorry i didnt ever tell you.
PPS i like the fat head. he is the shortest also but he will grow up eventually.  i like my face in the back too
PPPS Thanks!!!

Our New Family Picture!

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