Monday, January 25, 2016

She Has Had A Lot Of Interest In The Church And Really Likes How It's Focused On The Family


Well first, thanks mom for that first part of the letter especially. I was sitting here and just felt the spirit and your love so strong. That is really what makes the mission worth it. Feeling the spirit and always the people. I am not there with you and the family, but it is one of the many reasons i am on a mission. Also dont worry, i didnt get home sick, or really have ever. Its weird not to be home for all of this (Josh's sister Bri is coming home from her missin to the Philippines on Thursday), but i am here on a mission. If i asked for anything more, that would be selfish of me. I am doing what i feel like i should be doing.

The new area is great. We live in Prosser and most of the ward is here, but we actually spend a lot of our time in a smaller city called Mabton. One funny thing, this week we found out that there are two big gangs here. I guess it sometimes gets a little crazy too. The elders that left before us talked to this guy and he wanted to talk again, so we meet him in a park. Well he is a for sure gangster! He had tattoos everywhere. his whole face his head arms legs chest. It was really weird. It was hard to keep it a gospel conversation with his music in his pocket. He ended up just telling us a bunch of stories. They were crazy. hes been shot 5 times!! like in the back of  the head, the leg and twice in the ribs. The last one was 2 weeks ago. He showed us the stitches. when we talked to him like 30 minutes earlier he got arrested but had to let him go. so it was a crazy weird experience that i dint think was ever going to happen. Some guy also has a wolf as a pet, we had to ask him to make sure, but it was. but thats another story. Really the point is, this city is crazy. They call it mini Mexico. there are even roaming around Pit bulls. But its really fun and we have a lot of success. But ya doubled in is when both missionaries are new to the area. i guess thats not a normal thing for most people to talk about like us. i dont know if President Ware does it that much, but kinda. Elder Harward has done it 4 times! i am on my way i think. We get along really good, he is a really good missionary. but ya we also do have a car. its a 2014 ford fusion. so still nice cars. We also have it to ourselves. We go to a spanish group at 10 to 1 and english ward 1 to 4. the spanish group kids go with the kids at 9 o'clock then the last hour is spanish with their parents. We had to give talks again. But it was pretty easy. My spanish has got a lot better. I have a lot more confidence with it, and thats almost all that matters. we dont talk spanish all the time as a companionship, but i probably will start just so i get lots better. The spanish group has like 30 people and the english ward is a few hundred people. its pretty big. I dont know about D--. i hope she got baptized this last week, but i dont know for sure. We have been teaching M--, the old lady. its been pretty good. there is something that is keeping her back from being baptized. She knows that she wants it and knows the blessings from it and wants to be married for eternity with her husband. but she said that there is something that is holding her back. we are jsut helping her learn more and more. We know that she will come around and will want to be baptized. She also came to church! and loved it!! she learned a lot and said that she wants to come back next week. Its always a lot of fun to go over there. they are the nicest old people. We also got an awesome referral from a member. the ladys name is T--. she has had a lot of interest in the church and really likes how its focused on the family. she has noticed a difference with the cops that are of our church and wants to be more like them. She is a cop also. she has read up to Alma 25!! before we even had a lesson! its crazy. she says that she knows that it is true and dosnt know why it wouldn't be. The member we brought over, they both had a little run into that didnt end happy earlier. really just she because she is a cop. the member didnt realize that it was her until we got in the house. It ended up good between them. T-- said that she wants to go to church with that member so its not weird. she will be kinda like a family with them. So she is coming next week and she is going to get baptized a little down the road.

We also do get dinners every night! its bad kinda, i am going to get fat! we have a scale and i way 165! almost. so i have gained some i dont know how much, but i am going on a mini diet and not eating candy and cookies. at least as much. i dont think i could stop it completely. there is this Mexican restaurant called El Caporal. every time a member takes us out to eat its been there! we have been there i think 4 times now. When anyone wants to take us out to eat its going to be weird if they dont say, do you want to go to El cap?? none of them can say it normal so they shortened it. its good food though. The members here are awesome. We are working at getting them to help us more and more with the work and its going well.

Thanks for writing again. its good to hear that all back in lehi has been good. I miss it there. but it will be there when i get back! well i hope. i will be sure to give bri a wave when she flies by (Bri has a layover in Seattle Washington). you are all lucky to be able to see her! i love you all!!

Elder Mortensen
i also have some pictures! also Jordan said that he would like my letters to be forwarded to him. could you do that. its just easier i think. but it not just let me know and i could do it.

These are the other two elders I lived with in Hermiston. We were all great
 friends. The left is Elder Johnson the right is elder Benson

This is Hermano C--.  He is the guy that was always willing to come with us in Hermiston.
He is awesome and had an amazing testimony and knowledge about the gospel.  

Elder Laffiteau and Elder Mortensen with the L-- family. They are awesome members
from the Hermiston ward. They are recent converts and they have the
daughter that we were reactivating. Its was great. I learned a lot of Spanish with them.

The Spanish District in Hermiston
Elder Mortensen, Elder Laffiteau and K--.  We taught her for a
long time.  She will be baptized eventually for sure.  

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