Monday, January 11, 2016

"Please Let Me Know That This Church Is True. I Already Know It Is true, Just Help Me Keep Learning."


This was a great week! it sounds like it was a fun one back at home also. I am jealous of the snow and skiing! and i guess the family time too. glad to hear all is going well. one crazy thing is transfers are this week and we still dont know who is going or staying!! The mission department of the church said no more transfer sites where all the missionaries will come together and have a little meeting then send them all on there way. So now we have what President Ware calls the WKM bus system. We meet different places for what zone you are going to and they drive you around to new areas and new companions. if you train you drive a car up, sometimes on your own which would be really weird. But now they tell us Monday nights and give us the transfer calls. So buying food for this week was hard. i dont want to waste money but i dont want to mess myself up if i stay. Its all for a good reason. This will make Sunday and Monday more focused days for missionaries and Tuesday will be for packing and visiting then Wednesday will be faster for transfers. We are kinda expecting for one of us to be moved because i have been with him for 3 transfers which is already different. so i will let you know next week i guess.

One of the best things of this week was we had an amazing lesson with a less active daughter of two of the amazing members of the Spanish group. The lord softens hearts for sure. She answered the door then she let us in and went to her room and said she wanted to rest. We asked if she would like to come talk but she didn't. We talked to the parents and shared what we learned earlier in Zone Conference about daily repentance and having the spirit with us always. As we were about to leave she came out to talk. We talked to her about why she hasn't came to church. She had doubts and didn't think she belonged there. We both were bearing testimony and teaching her the things that she needs to know to get her to feel the spirit again and want to read. She said she wouldn't come to church. the lord softened her heart into saying she would read and pray. the next day she was in church, the fist time in i think all i have been here! I now know for sure that the lord softens hearts to help people come unto him. It was an amazing miracle in this week.

One bad thing was D-- didn't come to church!! so she cant be baptized this week!! she will be next week though! Its been awesome to teach her. She is reading and learning with her little sister so they can both be baptized on the same day! We have really started to love their family and to be there with them. part of an amazing prayer that D-- said was please let me know that this church is true, i already know that it is true, just help me keep learning.  It was so awesome!! we are excited for her.

Elder Laffiteau and I learned a lot and are becoming better and better servants of the Lord everyday. This week we were able to Keep finding new investigators like we have been trying so hard to do.  We have seen through our faith that we can do  more then we can even imagine or think of. We have learned to expect to have success everyday.
Its been great to serve a mission. its going to fast!  Love you all!!!
Elder Mortensen

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