Monday, January 4, 2016

We Know That We Were Blessed Like That Because Of The Faith He Had and For Sure The Fast


Glad to hear that you are all doing great! Good to hear that you had a good break for Christmas and New Years! Now Jaxsen and Ali get to have the best part of the Break! Going back to school, lucky you. i bet you had a fun time doing all of your home work on Sunday night, because i am sure that is what happened. Haha i had a little laugh when you talked about the Gay Christmas party, i haven't heard that one here for a while know. (Note from Lauri:  my maiden name is Gay!)  But i am sure it was fun, it always is.

Its weird to think that Brianne is coming home in like less than a month! I am not going to see her but i am still excited. I am sad that i am going to miss all of the stories that she shares because when brayden came home that is what i remember. Its so weird that by that time, i will be 6 months out, it really dosnt feel like that at all! it goes way to fast.

The work has all been great. The walking around is starting to get cold though. We stay warm. by we i mean me because there is almost no hope for Elder Laffiteau to stay warm. Last night i decided to wear more jackets and the one night i do that we knock on these members house. They are from Tonga and gave us Tongan coco. It was funny, the father speaks good English but lots of the words arent right but it makes sense. He was telling us how they got a bowl and smashed the coco beans with a rock. Its doesnt really seem weird now but when he was saying it i couldnt help but laugh. i didnt laugh to much because i didnt want him to smash me. he is like 6' 5" and just massive. New Years was good. we had to come home at 6 again and plan. we just kinda had a little party. A little before 10:30 we pretended it was 12 and yelled happy New Years and drank a bottle of cyder and went to bed. Its was a fun night.

Our investigator that we are really focusing on right now is D--. She is still progressing. She is reading and praying and gets a lot out of what she reads. She wasnt able to come to church because people here dont drive in the snow. Even if there was only a half inch in the morning and the meeting was at 6 at night, it still scared all of them. its to bad becuse it is an easy excuse for them all. but its alright, we love them all anyways. We are also teaching a father that his 5 daughters go to church and all that are old enough are baptized. they are an awesome family. He has 5 daughters and they are willing to come out with us when there is a young woman investigator. even though they are like 2 year converts they love this gospel so much. He, A--, is going to be baptized eventually for sure.

This fast Sunday my testimony of Fasting really was strengthened. We were fasting to have more new investigators in this month and that our faith to find would get stronger and stronger. Today we found 3 new investigators. 1 from knocking doors and 2 more from potentials that we were inspired to go visit. that was 7 new investigators this week. We were truly blessed. we know that we were blessed like that because of the faith he had and for sure the fast. it was so awesome. it also ended with an amazing pork roast with some members.

it was a great week. I love you all!

Elder Mortensen

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