Monday, December 28, 2015

As We Pray To Be Guided And What To Say, We Are Always Helped


this week was another awesome week! Its was for sure different than all of the other ones because of Christmas, but it was an awesome week. Christmas as a missionary is so different! its awesome to have all your focus on others and Christ and trying to bring Christ into the life of the people that dont know him how he really is. this week we haven't had a lot of finding. Elder Maynes promised our mission that as we do 4-5 hours of finding a day, that our success will go up so much. Not just our numbers but we will also become more of the missionary that the lord wants us to become. That is the kind of missionary that i want to be myself. i want what the lord wants and needs me to be to be able to help him in this part of the world with all of our brothers and sisters that are being prepared to have this gospel in their lives. I have been really strengthening my faith in every way. There is a quote that to have faith in the lord we have to have faith in his timing. Its is one thing to say that you have faith but another thing to really not slow down and work harder and harder and better and better even when you arent able to see anything come from it. As a companionship we are trying to really always find with faith. As we pray to be guided and what to say, we are always helped.

This Sunday we were trying to get D-- to come to the Sacrament in Umitilla. We were texting her and she said that she will try if she is able to get off work. We stopped and said a prayer for her and as we finished we got a text that said she just got of f work. Elder Laffiteau said that we need to promise her a blessing of coming to church. We promised her that as she came to church she will feel that spirit and it will help her out through the week. she said that she was coming! At that meeting there were two talks that were amazing and really just what she needed to hear about how the lord will always answer us and how she is going to be able to find an answer to her prayers. Its was an awesome day and a perfect meeting for her to come to. She is preparing to be baptized in just a few weeks!

Christmas eve and Christmas day were fun. we spent a lot of time cooking then giving out 70 cookies to our investigators and some members! it was awesome! We got fed also when we went to the members houses. lots of Mexican food and mostly tamales! Christmas night me and the other elders in our apartment watched a Christmas Movie made by the church and they slept on our floor just for good memories. i was good for it because i was still on a bed!!

Lehi looks like a lot of fun. i am glad that christmas was great. i am jealous of the snow and of the skiing but its alright i guess. it is snowing here! we have a solid 1" on the cars!

I love you all!! Merry late Christmas and happy New Years!!

and pictures!! 

first the week started out with a fun cold morning with 3 actual tires and a toy one.

This is the L-- and G-- family. they are awesome members. The L-- are on the right, he is the 
Spanish group leader and a convert of almost a year. the others are converts of 5 years and 
have a goal to become completely active and go to the temple!! We ate there as well.
This is me having a fun time in the bishops toy room waiting for elder laffiteau to finish his call on christmas day!

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