Monday, December 21, 2015

It Was An Amazing Experience To Follow The Spirit And Be Guided To Talk To So Many People And Find New Investigators


Thanks for eventually telling me what happened to Brianne. (She was in a Category 3 typhoon with winds from 130-160 mph while on her mission in the Philippines).  Its good that she is safe and doing good. that has to be such a awesome experience at least all the service to help those people that need it after wards. I dont think that i will have a time to do something like that which i guess might be a good thing. But ya Merry Christmas!! I am excited to Skype It will be awesome.

This week one of my favorite things that we have been doing was to pray when we get in the car to ask every time where we should go. If we should follow our plans or if we feel something else. This week one day started off great. we felt like we should go to a little trailer park in a little town. We were walking around and knocked a few doors, but didnt even talk to any one. we walked around a corner and there was someone out side. we talked to him and he was interested! we had a lesson about the Book of Mormon and the restoration. He told us to come back too!  we talked to a lot of people that day. It was about 7:30 and we were not knowing where to go for sure. we had a few plans though. we had Ma-- or the Mo- familys. we prayed and felt like to visit the Ma-- because he is an investigator and we need to take care of the people we do have before we we look for more. We went by and no one was home. At first the thought was why would we feel prompted to come here?? as we drove away the story came to my head from general conference. it was from a while ago, Its was about the father and a son that were driving down a long dirt road. they were running out of gas so they had to turn and go back. They came to a fork in the road that they didnt remember. they prayed and felt they should go to the right. they drove a little and the road ended. The son asked the dad why we would feel to go this way if it was wrong. so they went back and went left. They drove a little more and the father had the thought and told his son, that they were told to go left because if they went right they would have been driving for a long time with not knowing if it was right for sure. They were directed so they knew for sure. as i told Elder Laffiteau this story in the middle he pulled off the side of the road. at the end he didnt say anything just put it in drive and we were off to the Mo--s. We got there and no one was there also! we both had the faith that we were there for a reason. we parked there and went knocking doors. the first 5 doors we knocked we talked to and got to share a little about Christ. We were one the 4th door and a truck drove past two houses down.  we knocked on the next house but they didnt answer. as we walked to the next house the guy got out of his truck to smoke. He talked to us and was needing someone to talk to. we had an awesome lesson with him. His father died a few months ago and it was still hard for him. He said that he would Read and pray and really try to know if this is true. He said thanks and that we should come back. We finished and it was 9 and time to go home. It was an amazing experience to follow the spirit and be guided to talk to so many people and find new investigators. It was good to see miracles happen in the very first and the very last parts of the day.

One other good experience was something that i wasnt really wanting at first. Saturday night we got a call from the ward mission leader and said Brother Larsen is needing some help with speakers today... in the Umitilla group. that group is a little group that meets together sunday nights at 6 so the Hispanics that work can still make it to a sacrament. so it was in Spanish and of course we had to do it. They day was busy and it was 4:30 and we had to eat and prepare a talk. i prepared for like 5 minutes. i luckily dont get stressed so it was all good. I was a little nervous at first just because of spanish. It ended up being super good. i saw that as i put all my faith in the lord he made it no problem for my spanish. i talked about how this time of the year is especially important to remember the lord and why he came here, to establish his church. i talked about the restoration and why its important to gain a testimony and how we can. The spanish just worked in that night. It was a miracle!! it felt like 3 minutes though. but somehow it was more then 10!! i was happy after that. after we were putting up chairs this spanish guy came up to talk to me and the spanish was luckily still working. he said thanks for the talk and we talked for a while.

This was an awesome week. that is some of my favorite parts for sure. love you all so much!

Elder Mortensen

p.s. dont worry we are feeling the christmas spirit with like 6 boxes of lights everywhere in our house!!  it is brighter now with those lights than it was with the normal ones before.  We have lots of treats too and the usual never ending supply of chips.  also don't worry, that is not my mess.  one of the elders is not so clean though.  

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