Monday, December 7, 2015

Like Your Experieces, I Know That The Priesthood Works And That People Really Are Watached Over From The Powers Of Heaven


you week sounds awesome. i was actually thinking about the live nativity this week. i always knew that dad would be a perfect fit for the wise guy. hes been playing it his whole life. but at the Seventh day Adventist church here in town they have the same kinda thing. One of the members said that they went through it and it was a cool experience but there wasnt much of a spirit there until a little at the end. I was thinking of the one the Larsen's do and how amazing that has been to go and help out with the last few years. its good to always have the real Christmas spirit around all of the commercialized crazy Christmas. That is one thing that is already making this Christmas different. Something that is really cool is President challenged all of us to read the 4 Gospels is Matteau (i don't think that is spelled right, i know how in Spanish but English is hard), Mark, Luke and John. It has been amazing to learn and read  more about the life of Jesus Christ. it has been something that i do as part of personal study everyday. i have also been reading the talks from General conference everyday since i got them. i have read like 20 of them and how great a blessing that is. Its been so amazing to find more help and comfort through those. We have also been able to teach lots of lessons and help answer questions by those talks. i know how inspired those are, they are so amazing.

This Week has been awesome. We got a area change so we have a big part of the Sisters area now as ours. they gave us some amazing people to start working with. We have been in that area 2 times now and have a lot of potentials that want us to come back. One awesome experience was we were coming into town a little early than our plans so we decided to just go tracting for like 10 minutes. We knocked on this door that we for sure were guided to, and a guy opened up and talked to us. he said that about 2 years ago he talked to missionaries and he even went to church a few times. He was glad to see us and wanted to keep learning about our church because he just said that it made him curious. We had an awesome lesson about the restoration. he just moved in 5 days ago. That was a awesome blessing for him and for us to find him so fast. we went to help him move a washer and dryer so that was awesome and i only smashed my finger a few times. He says that he sometime reads the Book of Mormon still! its always a blessing to find those people who are being prepared to have the gospel in their lives. Also This week we were talking to sister G-- and she said she has been sick and had a head ache for like 3 weeks. she says she thinks that it is because of stress because her oldest son might have lung cancer and is not doing well at all. we gave her a blessing of healing that she could be feeling better and that her loved ones would as well. the next day she told me that during the blessing she knew that she was going to be better because she had the faith that the blessing will work. later that day she told us to come over and she said that her sons results came back and he doesnt have cancer! also that now he is healthy and feeling great. He is now getting married in 2 weeks. She just told us thanks and said that this is the first day that she has felt good for a few weeks. Like your experiences i know that the priesthood works and that people really are watched over from the powers of heaven. That was the biggest blessing this week for sure.

This week was transfers and we meet at the church here in hermiston with all the people that were going up to the transfer site. it snowed that morning. It was to bad that the church parking lot didnt get its best use but it did provide for a big snowball fight. it was a lot of fun. He have a new elder in our house. his name is Elder Johnson. We all get along really well and its ben fun. we also got a new zone leader, our district leader and a new sister. its good to still be here in hermiston. I saw the best snow sculpture i have every seen! i didnt think it was real until 3 days later when it was half melted because it blew my mind. i did get a picture. good news we did get a Christmas tree from the other elders. they got us some awesome presents also. i already have been using them. I got my pen, my shoes, my pillow, and my planner. it has been a awesome Christmas already!

Thanks for writing again. i love you all!

Elder Mortensen

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