Monday, November 30, 2015

I Am Really Growing My Faith In The Promise That Our Words Will Be Given To Us In The Moment We Need Them


This week was awesome. If you want to feel how my week felt, go walk around and knock doors in the cold weather in pants that dont stop any of the wind. It was a lot of fun actually. It did end up snowing early this week and we had a little snowball fight. Not much happened because none of the other elders could through it far enough to hit us. they tried but it didn't really work. but we decided to just build a little snowman. It was the first snowman that elder Laffiteau has made, so that was cool.

The part i remember most about this week was maybe thanksgiving. That was a crazy day. Luckily President Ware limited us to only two meals with members or investigators because if he didn't it for sure would have been a lot worse. We got invited to go to a school and eat with a big extended family. The food was really good. we started eating at 4:30 and i on accident ate too much. We finished that and went to another at 5:30!! i ate so much food there to and could almost not finish. after we had our weekly planning so we came home and my stomach hurt so bad i just laid on the floor and fell asleep. then we finished planning and that gave us like 3 hours for nothing to do. so i slept again and watched church movies in Spanish. it was a really good day. i didn't know food could hurt you so bad. i woke up in the morning and could still feel it and didn't want to eat breakfast. but i did anyways. you asked what my favorite dish was and it was probably the first plate. It ended up all mixing together so i guess that works. it tasted the same as the others its just the only one that didn't hurt.

Finding investigators has been hard. we find a lot of potentials but its really hard to find them again because lots of them have rotating schedules for work. We talke to a lot of people. One thing that we have been working on is talking to everyone and that really has gotten so much better. Also to teach in unity. Its hard because i cant speak the best Spanish and he cant speak the best English so its weird either way. but its been good. we have done a lot more in Spanish. I am finally understanding lots of it and fill in the rest by context. its harder to speak but it is getting so much better. i am really growing my faith in the promise that our words will be given to us in the moment we need them. that is what i am trying to do. There are times that i don't know what i want to say but it some how comes out and actually makes sense. i know that that promise is defiantly true as well as the gift of tongues. they both aren't easy and make my faith grow so much, but it has been so helpful to me. i don't have a lot to say about this week other than it was amazing. lots of our plans fell through so we tracted a lot, but what better way to find investigators? well with members i guess but there is only one member referral that we have gotten.

thanksgiving and soccer all sound like so much fun. I miss all those things but at least they will be there when i come back because it doesnt look like they have changed. one of the things that might have been different was some one else won shotgun shooting! that was probably fun for them. 

I do have a picture!! its of the snow man that we made because why not. also i was getting desperate to find one with me in it, then today when we were doing laundry, the weirdest thing happened. i was taking my clothes out and i found a spoon!! i didn't think that thanksgiving got that crazy that i lost a spoon in my clothes but i guess maybe it did!! it worked as good as a dish washer though if you were wondering. also of our district and the zone leaders also

love you all a ton!!

Elder Mortensen

Elder Mortensen With His Left Over Spoon From Thanksgiving

Elder Mortensen's District with Zone Leaders

First Snowman

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