Monday, November 23, 2015

God Really Does Know Everything And He Will Do Those Little Things That Will Make Our Life Better


This neck of the woods is doing great. Its staying more normal then you deciding to say neck of the woods! but it really is great. I luckily did get the package because it has been getting pretty cold when we track at night. its only like 30 degrees but its cold to walk around in. And yes!! finally meals from members. Not as much as the elders we live with. they haven't bought food at all this transfer! They do ask for a lot but its still crazy. One good thing about not being fed is i think i am like a professional chef now! No one gets better than me at eggs and cereal!! but no i really do eat pretty good. never go hungry thats for sure. Right now we have at least 20 bags of chips in our house and 2 pies and 2 cakes. so i might be getting fatter but i am eating good. its crazy how much chips we have. there is a chip factory Cheares, something like that, and so many people work there and they all give a ton away. Also a lot of cheese and ice cream. the tillamok factory is over here.

We had exchanges this week. Elder Young the district leader came over here and we worked this area. we talked to a lot of people and had some good lessons. the greatest thing happened also. We went to talk to a potential investigator but they didnt answer so we just started working that area. We came to the last door in the complex and this lady answered. It just so happens that she has talked to missionaries before and reads the book of Mormon by opening to a random page when she is having a hard time in her life. we talked to her for 45 minutes and she said she wanted to be baptized! It was as golden as golden could get. we were way excited then we went back for the night. the only bad part was she was english!! so we had to give her to the other elders. it kinda sucked, but i am just glad that we got to find her for them. at least the work still is going. also something that made me look crazy. we knocked on a door and said we are the missionaries and a little more. she told us she didn't speak english, in english. so when this happens its usually a Hispanic that doesn't really want to talk to us. so before i really thought about it i said the same thing in spanish. as i was saying it i realized she didnt really look spanish. after i finished she was just like " sorry i don't speak english and i dont speak spanish" she just kinda closed the door after that. but ya i guess you cant speak spanish to an Asian lady for her to understand. in this exchange it was also funny to walk dogs and see small a 5'6" elder Young get walked around by a pit-bull!  I have learned one thing that you never get a pit-bull because after your hands are going to be hurting.

one of my favorite experiences this week was we were really praying for a new investigator to find to teach. it was right before we went in for the night, we went to knock on one more door. we knocked and found a young mom, her name is T--. We started talking to her and by the end she was just glad we came by. she said her son told her he wanted to start going to church. she said she didnt know what church. we shared the Book of Mormon and bore our testimonies about families and this church. She is reading the Book of Mormon and she said if she likes the book she will bring her family to church. she has a 7, 8 and 9 year old children. we are meeting with her next week with a lot of hope! it was awesome to see a prayer answered in such an amazing way.

One of my favorite experiences this week also was a testimony strengthening experience. it taught me that God really does know everything and he will do those little things that will make our life better. He will always help prepare us if we are looking for his help. Sunday morning we were asked to teach elders quorum. so that was a little not scary but just like oh no. we got the topic and we were to share about President Monsons General conference talk. i think it was called something like be a light and an example. that's not it but its closeish. the cool part was the day before i was trying to find inspiration to find a talk to study that morning i flipped open and it was that one. to our surprise that is what happened for elder Laffiteau also! It also went with my ponderizing scripture for the last 2 weeks. its D&C 88:67 dads get the glow scripture. also the day before i studied two talks that went perfect to have a good lesson. it went really well. the spirit was for sure there and i hope that it was guided by the spirit. it was good to see gods hand in our preparations.
 also that day K-- came to church with her mom Y-- so that was so cool.

life in Lehi sounds great. sorry i dont have much to say about it but thanks for letting me know all that. i really do like to hear it. also sorry i dont really have pictures to send. i do have one that explains the neck of the woods comment. it is the first picture that i have on the camera! i hope you like it and it better make it to the blog!!
I love you all!! thanks for the letters!

Elder Mortensen

This is the picture!  Not sure why it is on Josh's camera!

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