Monday, November 9, 2015

I Know That Your Personal Testimony Is Worth More Than Anything In This World


hey i didn't keep you waiting this week! But our transfers aren't the same. its like half way though or something like that. I think Preparation day will always be on Mondays unless we are going to the temple, then it is what ever day that is because it changes.

But this week i have been studying a lot about charity. I need a lot more i am realizing. one thing that is awesome to do and to see is when the scriptures are written so simple and easy. In Moroni 7 it taught me perfect on all i had to do to have more charity. The part that stands out to me is when Moroni tells us we need to pray to the father with all energy of heart. i thought that this was just praying and asking. but as i studied more and talked to my companion, i now know that all energy of heart is doing every little thing you can. Actually praying is just a part. i Have to always try to live with charity, i always need to be aware of if i am or if i am not acting in charity. in the bible it tells you that with out charity you are nothing and nothing you do will matter. this made me really refocus on charily. I have seen the blessings of more people to talk to everyday and them wanting to learn more because they can feel something different.

but yes Spanish! its getting a lot better but is still really hard. I can understand mostly everything and follow all the conversations, good enough at least. i am pretty sure that i have messed up Elder Laffiteau a lot when i say things that might not even have to do with what they are talking about. but that happens less which is good. I am able to teach a lot better in Spanish. Now the hardest part is to have thoughts come to me when someone is talking in Spanish because i have to concentrate so much. if i have a little bit of time to think for a little it works alright. The gift of tongues is amazing, if it came all at once that would be incredible. but it doesn't. i am just thankful for the Spanish that i am able to have this fast into the mission. I wish we had more to talk to in Spanish because that would be helpful. right now because we do a lot of tracting still and lots of the houses we knock on are English. so we talk a lot in English. i try to speak only in Spanish unless we are talking to someone that speaks English. That has helped me out a lot. its funny we get weird looks like today walking in walmart when the white kid is speaking Spanish and the brown kid is speaking English to each other. also with walmart. i always have sucked at finding everything in stores but they are making it so much harder to do here. they are redoing the inside in a lot of places so everything keeps moving around every week. it makes it really fun to shop.

We finally had a lesson with J-- and his family! we met him like a month a go and we talk to him every few days but he and his wife are so busy. we found them again one night. they brought us in and had hot chocolate and we had an awesome lesson. We talked about the restoration and why the book of Mormon is so important. i am just hoping that we can find more times to talk to them. the family from Guatemala is aweosme. The hispanics are all really busy but we have had times to talk to them. we have a lesson Friday. also Y-- came to church again! she and her family are in active. We are now teaching her sister and her husband L--. They are awesome. we had a really awesome lesson. they are praying as a family and on their own and reading also. we have a lesson today with them. also Y-- daughter K-- is ondate for baptism on the 28. we need to just help her have a testimony and she will be great. Y--s boyfriend tells her anti Mormon things so that makes it harder. its good she talks to her mom because she has an awesome testimony. That is a little about this week. its been a great week.

i cant help you out much from here but i can maybe help you all have a great experience. One thing that i love doing and have been doing a lot more is applying Moronis promise again and again. That is one thing you can always do to strengthen your testimony. i know that your personal testimony is worth more than anything in this world. i invite all you to keep doing that more often.

Also elder Laffiteau does get good support. he lived in Missouri for 8 months and his bishop helps him out a lot.
I love you all!

Elder Mortensen

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