Monday, November 16, 2015

I Just Put All My Trust In The Lord To Guide Us

Hi family,

This was an amazing week. Early in the week we had zone council. The thing that i got out of it most was to get back to the basics! our purpose is to invite others to repent and be baptized. Its nothing complicated so we shouldnt make it like that. When i think of this i think of how i need to just keep the spirit with me because i wont know what to ask people to do or be able to teach anything with out it. This week as we were having a lesson with Y-- she had a question a few days before about speaking in tongues because her boyfriend in his church speak in tongues in the meeting. also he goes to a mens prayer and i guess he spoke in tongues. so she was confused what it was because it was just weird when she said it. It was hard to even study for. so going into this lesson we didn't know how it was going to work out. i just put all my trust in the lord to guide us. We read in Acts 2 and shared but it didnt feel right. i felt prompted to go to 1 Corinthians 14. We shared a few verses. then all of a sudden she started clapping and was so excited then started to cry. she told us that this is the answer she had been praying for. She prayed to know and to have it explained in the bible to her. After this we talked about her daughter K-- because she wants to be baptized but needs to find a testimony and come to church again. as we talked about some things that we would be able to do to help her, I felt prompted to share with her that earlier that day, we fasted for K--. that now is up her her and K-- to really search it out. We promised that they would receive their answer this week if they did. it was probably the most spiritual lesson we have had out here. 

A funny awkward moment was we went to try to find a less active family.  we walked through the fence and knocked on the door and no one answered. but then a car pulled up. The car couldnt see us because of the fence so we didn't know what to do other than just stand there for him to come to the door. he got out and was swearing because the one day that he comes home early his family isn't even home. He walked though the gate and the weirdest girly scream i have ever heard come out of a 30 year old guy came out of this Mexican. i kinda laughed but stopped because it was a weird moment because we were standing there in the dark, This was at like 7. I was just glad he knew who we were because he said to his friend on the phone, hey i got to go, i think i was cussing in front of some missionaries. it was so funny. This is the first time that we have meet this guy. We had am AMAZING lesson with him. he had a testimony long time ago and now he said he wants to come back to church and that he would read the Book of Mormon. he even prayed for us. the spirit was for sure there, it was so amazing.

We had a lesson with J-- and A-- and it was amazing. we talked about the restoration. They gave us hot chocolate and told us that we are friends now. they also made us Mexican food. Because i am trying to learn Spanish all the Hispanics tell me that i will learn by eating peppers. so i just about died i think. i don't know what peppers they were but my mouth was on fire. it was good though i guess. I don't know why but i kinda believe them and even at subway i got all the peppers they had. i guess anything i can do that might help, i might as well do it. 

to answer your questions, our biggest success was the lesson with Y--. Its hard to even explain how amazing it was. The biggest struggle is talking to everyone that we can see. Its one of those things that is so easy to just say hi and how are you and get on your way. its weird to walk into their garage and try to talk about the gospel. we did really good this week. That is one of our running goals is to always be getting better at that.  This week was awesome we actually got referrals! and one from a member!! we haven't contacted them all yet be we are excited.

We also had stake conference and that was amazing. Elder Call from the seventy came and did an amazing job i will have to write more about that in a letter or something because i don't have my notes but it was amazing.  He and President and sister Ware talked a lot about how member missionary work is so important to keep us with the lords quickened pace of this work. he taught that this is the most important thing that we will ever do, so might as well "Enjoy the Miracle"  That is what i am doing is just loving all of this. it is so amazing here. it is going so fast though it is so weird.

your week sounds fun. its weird that Ali is old enough to date. but sounds fun. to bad all the soccer didnt go the best but its better than my soccer this week. i dont play other than Mondays. Its weird i miss just messing around like that. thanks for the letter again i do have some pictures too! they are lame though but they are for you!! i figured out, with some help, how to do a rubix cube and got that down. also the tiwi in the cars that every missionary loves so much. last week Brianne sent a picture of her view. i thought i would do that too. its not as cool though.

Love, Elder Mortensen


Elder Mortensen's View From His Apartment
Brianne's View From Her Apartment in the Philippines.  Just a little bit prettier!

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