Monday, December 14, 2015

As We Have Kept The Faith And The Expectation To Find, We Have Been Blessed


It sounds like you all have had a great week back at home. Good thing that Jaxsen is still smiling after getting beat by a girl in soccer, but i guess thats alright. I didnt realize Grandma and Grandpa were finishing their mission already! i guess it has been a while though. It is so awesome to know that in this family we serve missions. We have lots of good examples to look to. I haven't had to many of the traditional Christmas foods yet, but i am sure it will come. We already have some plans for Christmas! We are going to the Bishops house to Skype someone, i dont know who yet. I think that i get to choose. But they also said that we could have dinner with them and their inlaws. Its will be awesome. we dont get to do really much missionary work that day which is weird, but it will be good. so i will get to Skype that day. what time works best for you? i at least dont want to mess up with talking with Brianne. also my time to do it might be easier to change around. so just let me know next week i guess. also your skype name or what all i need to find you guys.

This week President Ware challenged us to find a new investigator everyday. That is a hard goal for everyone. This week we got the numbers back and with 69 companionship's we were able to find more than 230 new investigators. For us we found more than we have any other week. We were focusing on the faith to find people. I have found as i have tried to have more faith and prayed for help, the Lord has blessed me with faith and us becoming closer to our goals. We have had the faith to find new investigators and that has been so helpful. We didn't find everyday but it was so many more than usual. We realized it doesn't matter how hard you work if you don't go around with faith. It really all comes down to faith. We have also focused on every direction that we go it is not just routine but inspired by the spirit. Its amazing to see how many blessings and really miracles we have seen because of that. This week i think that most of the investigators we found were between 8:30 and going home at 9. as we have kept that faith and the expectation to find, we have been blessed.

K-- came to church again but had to leave after 1 hour. she is awesome and has been praying everyday and reading more and more. Its makes me think of how little i really did when i was young and how much they are doing. There is a reason that converts are awesome. This sunday morning we were in a meeting and we were told that the teacher in spanish gospel principals wasnt going to be there. Because we are missionaries and they expect we can do a good job, us and the sister missionaries were told to teach. we were a little nervous until we looked what the topic was and it was missionary work. That wasnt to hard to talk about. especially because we asked at the beginning of class who all in here is a convert to the church. everyone raised their hands except 2, only because they are investigators. It was so cool to see the amazing people that are the fruits of these missionaries in this mission. it was easy to teach because they all have a strong testimony's about missionary work because all of them have been involved. they are awesome to take with us to lessons also. they know how the investigators feel and know what they need to do to change.

it was a awesome week like always but it is going way to fast!! i do have some a picture. you are welcome. we also ate with the Wrathalls, that is who you got the picture from. They have a missionary gone right now also. they actually got a picture when we were there from a mom from his area. they looked at it and all freaked out that he was gaining weight. I hope that wasnt how it was for you all! i did get the 12 days of Christmas package. i will have to send a picture because today we are decorating our front room and it is crazy. this is my favorite picture. we parked in the dark and this sign was there! its pretty easy to find the Hispanics sometimes! the best part is we went back the next day when we could see, there isnt even a fence!! just a random gate. We laughed for a while. love you all thanks for the letter!
Elder Mortensen

Elder Mortensen's Favorite Picture From The Week!
(Note from Mom:  I told Josh that as much as I loved all of his very
random pictures, I would really love a picture with him in it!!!)

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