Monday, January 18, 2016

It's So Hard To Leave Everyone In Hermiston After Getting To Know Them So Well, But I Know This Is Where I Need To Be Right Now


guess what!! i am not even in Oregon anymore!! Me and elder Laffiteau got doubled out and both got doubled in to different places. He went to Pasco and i am now in a little town called Prosser! and Mabton!!  Its great here but it is super confusing because the roads follow the curve in the river so they make a few weird turns and it keeps us guessing on what way is north. i dont know why i cant get it here but i cant. We are right next to the river so it is always really foggy and we only had one half day of sun shine so far. The members here are amazing though. They also have some crazy houses also. some own like 50,000 acre farms and their houses are up in the hills and have a cool view. There is almost mountains here! not really but a lot more of a hill then Hermiston. its has hard to leave everyone in Hermiston after getting to know them so well but i know this is where i need to be right now. D-- is going to get baptized, or should be i dont know, this week. i should be able to go back down for that, but i dont know yet. I have an awesome companion, Elder Harward, from Herriman! He is 5'3" and an amazing missionary. he is also the District leader. He has already taught me alot about street contacting. One thing that we are trying to get better at is to make sure that it is different every time and we dont get into any traditions. President Ware doesn't like traditions. He tells us a tradition is something you do without having to put any thought into it and it blocks the spirit. So we are getting better at that always. We had a lot of potentials part member families and less actives to find and teach, so that is what we did the most of. Elder Lauti, my MTC companion, was here and his companion broke his leg playing basketball and had to go home, so Elder Lauti went to Kenniwick. so there hasnt been missionaries here for a few weeks. because of that we dont have any investigators, but there is a lot to find. The week before that happened they had an awesome baptism so we have got to know that new convert. Elder Lauti is now in my old area, so we just switched places. Not to much happened in this week just because the day lost of getting ready to leave then getting into a new area. one thing that did happen is my hate for packing went way up! it was terrible to pack everything Tuesday. But i guess its alright. i am still not unpacked yet though.

One awesome thing is there is this old couple in the ward and he is a active member but his wife isnt. We went over there to talk to them and help her work her way to baptism. We had an awesome conversation. they are the nicest old people. She said that she wants to be married in the temple for eternity and she knows that that has to start with baptism. she has short term memory loss so thats hard for her. We are praying all we can and we are going to have her husband give her a blessing to remember the things that she needs to to be able to be baptized. It is going to be a lot of patient teaching, but she is going to be baptized. when we were leaving a little before we were talking about baptism. she was just like, well we cant do it tomorrow because we have family coming over, but i guess some time after that!! so we were really excited for that.   

Its good to hear that everything back at home is doing great! I am for sure missing playing soccer and going to the games, but its is a worth while sacrifice. good to know that Dad is still trying to be like me. maybe one day if he is lucky he will! Its weird to think that Brianne is coming home so soon. That is going to be weird to think that she is already home. but thanks for the update! i love you all!
also i have pictures!! with my face mom!

love elder mortensen

Elder Mortensen with His New Companion, Elder Harward
Elder Mortensen and Elder Bartschi.  Elder Mortensen went tracting
with him and his companion the first day he was in his area.

Elder Mortensen and Elder Coleman.  Elder Coleman
served with Elder Mortensen in Hermiston

Elder Mortensen and Elder Jordan.  Elder Mortensen
served with him in Hermiston.

Elder Scott and Elder Mortensen.  Elder Scott
is the District Leader.

Elder Mortensen and Elder West.  Elder West was
with Elder Morensen in the Mexico MTC.

Elder Wilson and Elder Mortensen

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