Monday, February 15, 2016

It Was One Of Those Lessons Where You Walk Out And Just Want To Cheer!


Happy late Valentines to you all also!  It was like half way done with Sunday when i even remembered that it was Valentines, but i guess it was a good day. We had a Regional Conference today. The biggest thing that stuck out to me was Elder Renlund was talking and he was telling how when he and his wife were on vacation and their tour guide wanted to take them to the best coffee shop in town. They said that would be alright but dont get offended if we dont drink any coffee. She asked why they dont drink coffee. He said that he was trying to think of something awesome to share with them. But then his wife said  This is the short answer. There was a young boy that went to a grove of trees. He said a prayer to God and God the father and Jesus Christ appeared to him. Later through revelation from God, we were told that we shouldnt drink coffee. the same thing happened later. They were asked when they were at Adam-ondi-aman (haha that has to be close, maybe) and some non-members asked what was special about this place because they just felt different and a lot of peace there. His wife answered the same way. He taught that as we answer questions the best way is to go the the Restoration. It is how they could feel the spirit and know that it is true. It wont lead to a argument or anything like that. That is one thing that we are going to try to use this week. When we are asked questions we relate it back to the restoration. We have seen it work. People feel like they have to listen to the answer because they asked. Its so great!

T-- is doing really good! She does have a date for baptism. It is the 5th of March. She said that she wanted to move it up a week if she didnt work! it was so awesome. We figure out if she works later today some time. She is doing really good. She already told her boss that she isn't working Sundays anymore because thats her day and she wants to go to church! That was awesome also. She has also read a bunch of the gospel principles book and some how understands it all and agrees with its all also. She is amazing.

We have for sure seen the Lord guide our actions. One thing this week was not as much actions but our words were being guided. It was with a lesson with T--. We have had some really good lessons with her and the spirit has been there, but not as strong as we would hope for. We were really praying that we could have a great lesson. The whole time we were there, just everything went so smooth. Not even really like it should have. We jumped around the restoration and the plan of salvation and the scriptures and the gospel principles book. But  because our words and our thought were all focused on following the spirit, that is what we were able to do. It was one of those lessons where you walk out and just want to cheer! but you cant always because they are still right there and we had members with us to so we could only be really happy. but we kinda cheered in the car..  That is the best when you are able to know you followed the spirit because that is when you have the most joy.

It sounds like all of being back at home was fun!  its always good to hear. it sounded like everyone was in the dating mood! i guess thats what Valentines day does for a normal person. Missionaries are normal enough. you will have to let me know how the next week went for you all. i love you all!!

Elder Mortensen

Ps yes mom!! pictures!

This weekend we got to go back down Hermiston for a baptism!!! D-- finally got baptized!! i knew she would she just had a hard time getting to church because of work. I dont know if you remember about her drunk cousin that we had a crazy night with at their house. but he got baptized the week before!! this gospel changes lives! for sure!!

Last Monday we went on a little hike because we didnt have enough miles to go to Richland and meet up with the Zone. but this is me and Elder Harward and Prosser!

In Prosser there is a big hill that the city sits under. we never knew what the other side looked like we just know its all the farms. there are three big families that farm a ton! cool fact about them is the produce 15% of the onions eaten in the USA. They live like 20 miles out of town i guess just in the middle of nothing. One side has a city and a river, the other is really nothing. i though it was funny so i decided i would sent a picture also.

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