Monday, April 11, 2016

We Don't Have Too Many Investigators, Just A Few Awesome Ones!

Hello everyone!!  

The missionary work this week was great!! We weren't able to teach too many lessons because Spanish work is hard around this time of year, but we still do get the chance. We actually found a guy named N-- again. We found him at least a month ago. We had some pretty good lessons and he wanted us to come back, but he was so busy we could never find him home. But we found him again this week! We had another pretty good lesson with him. He still wants us to come back. Its hard with some to really know if they are interested in changing or if they like to hear it, or just count it as their church for the week so they dont have to go Sunday. But either way it was good to find him home again. We have taught the E--'s a few more times. It was really cool, the last lesson that we had all the kids were running around outside so it was a lesson with just us and the parents. We felt like we should share the Restoration Video with them. When we watch that it is always good. They loved that video!! We had a good conversation afterward with them. They wanted to keep the video so they could show their kids. We haven't been able to be back in between that, but it will be awesome! They are really doing good. We invited the O-- family, they are members, to go and visit them or just get to know them. So this Sunday they had them over for dinner! the Sister missionaries were there also and they said that it went really good. Hermana O-- was sharing her conversion and also her testimony about the gospel. It really could of not been much better for them. The Sister Missionaries said that their families really felt comfortable together so that will help them in both of their conversions. They are our main investigators that are working towards baptism. We dont have too many investigators, just a few awesome ones!

One thing that we did this week and whenever we do this it leaves a big impression on me. It really is just talking to everyone and trying to get to the point of sharing the gospel. Its still not an easy thing and i dont think it really ever will be. But it is something that we have to do. When ever we do it lots of the time they talk even if they arent interested in the message. It leaves a good image and people know that we are just nice normalish people! this week, yesterday actually, something just clicked. We were about to get into our car but there was a car across the street that someone was getting out of. We were about half way and said hey hows it going. Then he was just like, no, i am not interested and i dont want to talk about it. The thing i realized is how hard is it to do that. sometimes we are rejected so fast but you get use to it. but just how trying all the time shows our faith and when it dosnt work out, nothing is wasted. It took maybe like 5 extra seconds. It just one of those things that is pretty easy to not do, but as you do it, you just feel better and everything works out better some how.

This week we invited the E--'s to church and they said they would come. We only expected them for Sacrament meeting because of their First Communion commitments. We were standing in the front hall by the doors. We were both kinda shocked and super excited when we saw them walking in! They came to all three hours! and they all really liked it. All the kids went to primary and they were comfortable there so that was good. The sacrament meeting was the most full i have ever seen in that Spanish group. We couldnt have fit too many more people in there. It was full! We had The E--'s and the sisters had 4 investigators.  it was soo cool. It is a great last week here in Prosser!

Haha ya we havent got transfer calls but we have a little bit of an "in" on these. usually i would say we are lucky, but maybe not this time. President Ware calls in the morning to call people to leadership and training before anyone else knows what is going to happen. I was saying my prayer to start personal study when the phone in my pocket rang. I really was just like, oh crap. So when i answered and he asked for Elder Harward i was feeling good, until he asked for me. Elder harward is staying here to be the district leader getting a missionary that has been here for 3 months. I am moving down to Walla Walla with an elder that has been out 3 months who just finished getting trained and i got called as a district leader there...   So i dont ask for many things but please send some prayers down here for my new district to be able to put up with me! and that i will be able to accomplish all that i need to in this calling. it will be good but hard for sure. President Ware was just like, well you are going to be speaking like a native! and make sure you teach him English!  so i dont know how much my new companion speaks in english, but this will be an adventure!  Down to another corner of the mission. i have been in 3 of the 4 corners now.

I am glad spring break was great! i loved that hiking trip and all of that. It looks really fun! I hope you all will continue to do great and have a great week!!!

I love you all!

Elder Mortensen

Ps sorry no pictures this week but there will be next week for sure!!  sorry mom

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