Monday, April 25, 2016

He Went And Turned On The Light Just Hoping That We Would Come Talk To Him


Its good to hear from you!!! This week was so cool!  One of the coolest miracles happened this week!  It was 8:50 pm and we didn't know what to do. All of our plans didn't work out and we were stuck. Elder Tirado just said, well we will walk up the road for a little. We ended up seeing a guy turn on the light on his porch and sit on a couch, so we decided to go talk to him. After talking to him a little more we found that he really wanted to change his life around and get on the right path. Earlier that day his mom told him he needs to be in a church. She said she doesnt care if its catholic just to find a church. He said that day he was just hoping someone would come and help him know what church. That night we found him, he was sitting on his porch in the dark and saw us walking down the other side of the road. He went and turned on the light just hoping that we would come talk to him. It was amazing to see how the Lord got us there at just the right moment. The Lord has a funny way of doing it and sometimes its hard to have the faith to know that success will come as we keep our faith, but it always works out in the end. We went back another day and had a great lesson with him. He had a lot of little questions like what do Mormons have to wear, and where do we have to work and about tattoos and things like that. A bunch of things that wouldn't matter if he wasn't wanting to be baptized. He has such a sincere desire to do this for himself and his 6 year old daughter. At the end of the lesson we asked him if he would pray. He told us no its alright you guys can. We taught him how to pray, bore testimony that it doesn't matter what is said in the prayer, God always wants to hear from him. He decided to pray and the spirit came sooo strong! After the prayer he just looked at us and couldn't stop smiling. He said that he was feeling something that just felt so good. It was good to bare testimony of the spirit and that he will continue to feel that, and for his baptism he will feel it even more. also that he should be excited for that day and he was! As we walked away it was one of those times where you just want to cheer!  He has a goal to be baptized on the May 21. It was the coolest thing!!

We did teach that family that come to church twice this week. His name is M-- and the wife's name is L-- and the mom is M--! They are so cool! They have a lot of good questions that made us have to really think. We have had some lessons with member that just go kinda crazy, and not a lot is taught. its just M-- and the member going back and forth. So we decided even though its better to be with members usually that we were going to go without one this time. We had a good lesson about the Restoration. They really are committed to start the Book of Mormon and try to find if it is true. They weren't able to make it to church this week though. 
One of the funniest things this week was during the branch party that we had Saturday. We ate and after the Branch played soccer with a big exercise ball in the gym. We couldn't play with the members as missionaries but it was so funny to watch. There aren't a lot of youth so it was all the adults playing. Up to a 60 year old lady and down to a 12 year old kid. was fun watching the ball take out the little kid. the old lady is the funniest old lady i have ever met. The President got into it and ended up accidentally, kinda, throwing the little kid to get the ball. The president lost his ring so we blamed in on karma and throwing P--, the kid, at the ball.
Ya me and elder Tirado Are getting along really good. We speak mostly in english but we are talking to a lot of people in spanish so for sure a lot of spanish through the days. The spanish is coming a lot better and better everyday. Its really hard to stay motivated on learning the language completely sometimes. Its one of the most mentally hard things i have ever done that is for sure. but its coming really good.
The week back at home sounded pretty full! it sounded like a lot of fun for the whole family though. Its good to hear that soccer is still being played at the house. to bad Lehi isnt doing to good. Thats sad. But it had its good years. Looks like a lot of parties! thats always fun though.  i hope that everything continues to go great for you all! i love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Mortensen
ps thanks for the quote i got the chills when i read it, it was awesome.
This was taken at church its not all of them but a lot, but its the Branch!! The white people are the president and me! 

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