Monday, May 2, 2016

We Know That We Are Doing What The Lord Has Asked Us To Do And We Know That We Do Receive Those Blessings


this was for sure another great week. So this week we weren't able to see as much success as we have other weeks. When we were adding it all up yesterday and getting the numbers to the zone leaders, they ended up being about half of the weeks numbers in the past. But that is the thing about numbers, they dont show much of anything. This was a great week!  For zone council we talked about having the faith to talk with everyone. It is something that Elder Tirado and i have been working on and for sure getting better and better. Its one of those things that isnt going to really ever be easy but we just have to know its something that we have to do and have the faith to do it. for us it is for sure one of the things that tests our faith everyday if we are going to do it or not. We left that council with an extra desire to always to this. It is one of those things that you dont always see a lot of results from it, you for sure do at times, but for us it just makes the day go better as we do it. We know that we are doing what the Lord has asked us to do and we know that we do receive those blessings. We saw a lot of cool things from that. We found a lot of people who are willing to learn. There is also this other less active lady and her non member husband. They want to come to church but their work is super crazy and they havent been able to. They are so busy that its even really hard to find anyone at their home. so that was a miracle itself to be able to find them again. But they have been praying and reading the Scriptures everyday. They are soo cool and now that their work is figured out, they came come to church! M-- is so ready! 

M--, the guy on the porch, is awesome. He has had a really hard life because of some of the things he has done in the past. We taught the word of wisdom. There are like 5 things that we cant do, and those 5 things he has had hard things to overcome. He hasnt drank in over a month hasnt smoked weed for 3 weeks and said that it wont be a problem to stop the other things. He has such a desire to change. He is so awesome. He was busy so he wasnt able to make it to church though. 

M-- and his family have been really good. they are really trying to gain more faith. They say it is hard for them to always keep it. It was a good time to teach why we help them to always pray, read the Book of Mormon and come to church. They are still working on those things. They are so awesome. Miguel also got called in to work and wasnt able to make it to church. There are a lot of migrant workers here also. They work so much. the sisters are teaching someone that works 130 hours a week!! he sleeps for like 4 hours then works the rest of the day. They are super hard working people.

We cant play with members or anyone else just because it could cause problems or injuries or things like that. so we just get to do it with other missionaries. a funny experience this week... nothing to funny comes to mind this week. One was with  M--'s baby. whenever his parents werent watching he would stick his hands in their cups of water. he did it like 3 times before they caught him. Its just fun little things that happen all the time. like everyday. 

back at home sounds like a lot of fun!! tons of cool things happened this week. Brayden and Hillary having to much fun as always, soccer, mom does something spiritual and dad buys another toy! haha i dont know what the best one is!! maybe moving bri out?? i dont know! but it all sounds like a great week!

Thanks for the letter!! i love you all!! have a great week!

Elder Mortensen

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