Monday, May 16, 2016

Christ Will Often Bring Us To The Edge Of Our Faith To See If We Will Continue To Make Steps In Faith Or If We Will Just Stop


This was a pretty cool week. We had Zone conference down in Hermiston so i got to go back and see a little. We had to wake up at 5 so we could get there on time for car inspections. The conference was so good! We had a big discussion about the Brother of Jared in Ether 3 and why he was able to have this amazing experience happen.  One thing that really stood out to me is how Christ will often bring us to the edge of our faith to see if we will continue to make steps in faith or if we will just stop. As i have thought back to times in my life especially on the mission i have seen that really is how it often works. This week it gave me a little more motivation while i was thinking of that. It made me try harder to talk to everyone, it made me work more diligent through the days, it made me pay closer attention to the spirit because i knew that it was going to take more work and more effort than i have given in the past to get those miracles we are looking for as missionaries. Especially that now we have this knowledge and know what more of what the Lord expects of us. We were able to see this happen this week. I think this week was kinda a test from God.  There wasn't much success this week. It seemed like we talked to everyone that wasn't interested and couldn't find those that were searching for the truth. It came down to the last hour of Sunday night. We went to try to find a few potential investigators. They said that Tuesdays and Thursdays work best and they should be home. We thought of their names and we knew that it wasn't a day they are usually home but we felt like we should go to visit them, so we did! They said they were eating dinner and said they were a little busy, but It was a little rainy, luckily, so that is what got us in the door. We went and sat down with them. The whole "eating dinner" part was either a really bad excuse or they are just my kind of people! Because they were just eating cookies!! so we go some cookies also.  We had a good lesson. As we were teaching the restoration, the spirit filled the room. We taught with more power then we have been able to in the past. We were able to teach more in unity, that is what helped us. They didn't accept to be baptized. They said that they are already baptized and they only believe in one baptism. We shared more about the priesthood and why it is necessary. they said they would but only if they really did know that it is true. They are two awesome new investigators! L-- and R--! Now we have to work to bring the spirit to them so they can have their hearts softened even more. It was really cool. 

We havent been able to meet M-- too much. He has been really busy working. So we dont know how he really is doing. He seems to be doing good but kinda cooled down. He's not as excited as we was at first, but still wants it. 

We are teaching a couple, C-- and A--. They really want to learn but are set in their ways in another church, but they read the Book of Mormon!! so it really does just come down to a little bit of time and if the are sincere about it. They are really cool. 

M-- and M-- came to church again!! L-- wasnt able to because her kids were being problems. But they are really liking to come to church. One time that we went over there just M-- was there so we got to talk to him a little. It is still really hard for him to have as much faith as he wants to always have. He says that it goes up and down. It has been pretty hard for him. but on Youtube he found General Conference and really liked those. We showed him where all those were on the Gospel Library app and he is also going to start to listen to the Book of Mormon. They are going good just are going to keep needed help. But that is why were are here! so thats good. 

I am glad you like my justification for getting fatter! It looks like you all have had a great time back at home! It seems Ali is still as weird as ever! just seeing that picture reminded me of it all! And Jaxsen always doing something new! mountain biking sounds fun though. it might put some meat on your bones too. its good to know that my family is just having a great time!! i love you all so much! have the best week!!

Elder Mortensen

PS  a picture!!  There was a bunch of us at Zone conference from the MTC district!! it was cool to see them all

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